Microsoft Introduces App-level Preview Program for Testing Updated Windows 10 Apps

Microsoft Testing App-level Preview Program for Testing Updated Windows 10 Apps

When it comes to the Windows 10 ecosystem, one has to participate in the Windows Insider program and install preview builds of the OS to test new features even if they are updates to the system apps. Microsoft is looking forward to change that, and is already testing a new way to try updated apps without running an insider build of Windows 10.

First spotted by Thurrott, the new app preview mechanism is called Windows App Previews, but it is not associated with the Windows Insider program in any manner. Separate invites are sent for each updated Windows 10 app with a message which says,“You’ll be one of the first to try out new features in the preview version of Camera, and your feedback will shape the future of the app.”

Microsoft Introduces App-level Preview Program for Testing Updated Windows 10 Apps
Image courtesy: Windows Central

Microsoft has not released any official statement on the Insider channel regarding the new app preview method, which appears to be independent of the Windows Insider program. The new app preview program is quite similar to the way one can download an Android app’s beta version to test a new build and try new features without having to download an OS update to do so.

Microsoft’s new Windows App Previews program follows an opt-in mechanism, allowing users who are not a member of the Windows Insider program to accept the invitation for testing an app’s updated preview build. Regarding Microsoft’s new app testing procedure, Senior Program Manager of the Windows Insider program, Brandon LeBlanc tweeted,“This won’t radically change WIP as we know it. This is just us trying to make it easier for those who want to test app updates on both Insider builds or retail. More to come.”

The new app testing program will come as a huge sigh of relief for users who don’t want to run buggy Insider builds on their system just to test the updated features of one or two apps, allowing them to test only the app they are concerned with by opting-in to test it.

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