Marvel Rivals Coming to PS5; Closed Beta Test Announced

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In Short
  • At today's PlayStation State of Play event, it was announced that Marvel Rivals is coming to consoles, starting with PlayStation 5.
  • The developers plan to host a closed beta in July 2024.
  • PlayStation 5 gamers will also get an exclusive Scarlet Spider skin for Spider-Man.

After initially revealing a launch for PC and building rapport among gamers, Marvel Rivals plans to entice PS5 gamers. The game has had limited closed betas the last couple of weeks, and the 5 v 5 Marvel-based shooter plans on pitting some of the popular Marvel characters against each other. The developers also want PS5 gamers to join in on the fun.

As revealed at today’s PlayStation State of Play event, Marvel Rivals will hold a closed beta for PS5 consoles in July 2024. While a definitive date is yet to be shared, Marvel Rivals did share a new look at how heroes such as Venom, Hela, Storm, and Magneto play.

Venom, for example, can do a spike cannonball in the middle of a fight, damaging enemy teams. Storm uses her magical storm powers to devastate her opponents. Marvel Rivals has also showcased a first look at Adam Warlock’s gameplay.

PlayStation players will also receive an exclusive Spider-Man costume called Scarlet Spider. This costume has a unique color scheme and looks pretty solid, fitting the game’s overall aesthetics.

Well, we don’t have many free-to-play hero shooters on consoles outside the big names, so it is good to see Marvel Rivals arriving for PlayStation 5. What I do want to see is whether they’ll also release the game for Xbox.

After all, the green team has a Blade game currently in development under Arkane Lyon. Hence, it makes sense for Marvel Rivals to introduce the game if Blade joins the team.

So, what do you think about Marvel Rivals arriving on PS5? Do you plan on jumping into the closed beta in the upcoming months? Have you played the game previously on PC? What are your impressions about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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