LinkedIn Adds Supports for Hindi in India; Here’s How to Access LinkedIn in Hindi

LinkedIn Is Now Available in Hindi; Here's How to Access LinkedIn in Hindi on Your Smartphone, Desktop

Microsoft has today announced that it is making its professional networking platform, LinkedIn, available in the Hindi language. The Redmond giant says that LinkedIn aims to break the language barrier in India with support for the Hindi language, which is one of the most-used Indian languages across the world. India is the platform’s second-largest market with over 82 million members.

LinkedIn Now Support Hindi in India

LinkedIn recently shared an official blog post to announce Hindi-language support on the platform. So now, LinkedIn users will be able to access the platform entirely in Hindi on desktop as well as on their Android or iOS smartphones. Moreover, with the support for the Hindi language, the service is now available in 25 languages for users.

“As the next step, we’re working towards widening the range of job opportunities available for Hindi-speaking professionals across industries, including more banking and government jobs,” wrote LinkedIn country manager Ashutosh Gupta in the official blog post. “We understand that community and conversations are extremely personal, and so is language. To support more local language content, we will continue to add more Hindi publishers and creators to the platform over the coming months,” Gupta further added.

How to Access LinkedIn in Hindi on iPhone or Android Phone

Now, if you prefer to use the professional social network in Hindi on your iOS or Android device, you will need to select Hindi as your preferred device language from your device’s system settings.

Once you switch your device language to Hindi, the LinkedIn app will automatically switch to Hindi on your smartphone. As for users who have already set their preferred language to Hindi, the app will automatically be available in Hindi.

How to Access LinkedIn in Hindi on Dekstop (Windows or Mac)

If you use LinkedIn on your desktop, you can follow the steps below to switch the entire UI of the platform to Hindi.

  • Open the LinkedIn website using your favorite web browser on your desktop or laptop.
  • Click the “Me” option in the top navigation bar.
  • Select the “Settings & Privacy” option from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Under the “Site preferences” section, click on the “Language” option to change the language of the platform.
  • Select “Hindi” from the drop-down menu to save it as your preferred language. That is how you can access LinkedIn in Hindi on your Mac or Windows computer.

Now, once you switch to the Hindi language on your desktop or mobile device, the user interface and platform experience, including the navigation bar, will be displayed in Hindi. Although user-generated content will be displayed in their original language, users who have switched to Hindi will be able to translate the posts to the said language using a “See Translation” (Anuvaad Dekhen in Hindi) option.

So, if your dominant language is Hindi and you prefer using apps and services in this language, you can now use LinkedIn in the Hindi language. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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