Fortnite Expands Further with Two New LEGO Game Modes

LEGO Fortnite two new islands cover
Image Courtesy: LEGO Group/ Fortnite
In Short
  • LEGO has introduced two new islands in Fortnite after a successful game mode on the platform.
  • Both islands are made by the LEGO group on the UEFN editor and are free to play.
  • While LEGO Raft Survival lets you and your crewmates survive through pirate raids and sharks, LEGO Obby Fun is for virtual parkour lovers.

Since LEGO started its journey in Fortnite, it has remained a popular game mode for gamers. With great villager mechanics and other survival features, it was evident that the creators did not plan on stopping. After some months of the original LEGO Fortnite game mode, LEGO has now released two new islands in the Fortnite creative section. The new game modes called LEGO Raft Survival and LEGO Obby Fun add even more chaos to the game. Let’s talk about them.

LEGO Raft Survival: Explained

In the Raft Survival mode, you will start with other players on a raft in the middle of an ocean. Like the Raft game, you will have to keep building your way to survive the obstacles you encounter. Note that the Sharks are not your only enemy, as the infamous Barracuda Ship! aka the pirate ship will try to bomb you down. Your only chance at survival is working with the crew mates to turn your raft into a ship.

LEGO Raft Survival is one of the new islands in Fortnite
Image Courtesy: LEGO Group/ Fortnite

You can play with up to 3 more players in your party, similar to the original LEGO Fortnite game. You will also earn Battle Pass XP for Fortnite by playing Raft Survival. So find the chests, build, and earn gold to build yourself a strong raft to survive the pirate wave in the oceans of LEGO Fortnite.

Pirate attack LEGO Raft Survival
Image Courtesy: LEGO Group/ Fortnite

Made by the LEGO group on the Unreal Engine for Fortnite Tool (UEFN) editor, LEGO Raft Survival is a 3+ rated island in Fortnite that kids can also enjoy. You can jump right into the oceans using the creative island code below.

LEGO Raft Survival Island Code: 2975-0725-2749

LEGO Obby Fun: Explained

If you are a virtual parkour fan who loves jumping around in platformers or Minecraft parkour maps, this island is for you. The LEGO Obby Fun mode is full of worrisome walkways, hazardous hills, and perilous paths. These obstacles will make sure you always look ahead when hobbling around.

Hobbling in LEGO Obby Fun
Image Courtesy: LEGO Group/ Fortnite

Inspired by classic LEGO themes, Obby Fun consists of 300 levels to ensure there’s no time to rest. Thankfully, there are some checkpoints that help you continue your journey even after falling. As the game counts how many times a player fell into the abyss, it is more fun for the ones who want to laugh at their newbie friends.

LEGO Islands in Fortnite LEGO Obby Fun
Image Courtesy: LEGO Group/ Fortnite

However, do not leave the game, as it will reset your whole progress. You can join the LEGO Obby Fun now by using the creative code below.

LEGO Obby Fun Island Code: 6344-4048-9837

With the introduction of fishing in LEGO Fortnite, LEGO seems to be expanding its universe at a good pace. As for Fortnite itself, the once popular battle royale is looking to become a gaming platform for all experiences. What do you think about the new creative maps? Let us know in the comments below!

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