Is Last Epoch Coming to Xbox and PS5?

In Short
  • Last Epoch was released on February 21 for PCs, and it is unavailable on PS5 or Xbox.
  • According to a Reddit post reply from the Eleventh Hour Games devs, the console versions will be worked on, but not until the v1.0 update.
  • The Last Epoch community speculates that the Xbox and PS5 console release announcement date will be before 2025.

Last Epoch is here, and the RPG community is in love. However, while the PC gamers among you might have been enjoying, console casuals have been left by the wayside. As part of PS5 gamers ourselves, we decided to find out if Last Epoch is coming to Xbox and PS5 consoles. Well, the answer is hopeful, but there is also a slight problem. Let’s talk about it.

Will Last Epoch Come to Xbox and PS5?

After five years in early access, Eleventh Hour Games’ title was released this February 21. However, as of the time of writing this, there is no official confirmation on the Xbox and PS5 versions of Last Epoch.

While Palworld made its way to Xbox on day one, It wasn’t released on PS5 and PS4 right away. Unlike Palworld, Last Epoch is not currently available on any console, including Xbox and PlayStation. But we ask you not to lose hope, as the dev team has already shed light on this topic in the last few months.

In a 7-month-old Reddit post, the CEO of Eleventh Hour Games, Judd Cobler, responded to a query about console versions by stating:

“……. We need to ensure that the PC production and live ops pipeline is well established and smooth first, but we’ve always believed we’ll come to console eventually. Not at 1.0 though.”

This naturally made the community anticipate a console launch for Last Epoch in February as the 1.0 version came to be. However, it seems like the “Very likely” that the developers mentioned is still some time away. In a separate Reddit post, when asked about the console version, Reddit developers for EHG also mentioned: “Not much has changed with regard to a console release.

Image Courtesy: Eleventh Hour Games

As it seems for now, Eleventh Hour Games might focus on PC reception and feedback before heading over to other platforms. So as it stands, there is no ETA for Last Epoch for now. In the same vein, there is no news on whether Last Epoch will be available for the Xbox Game Pass or not. Though an Xbox and PS5 version remains unconfirmed, fans eagerly anticipate a possible announcement before 2025.

What do you think about Last Epoch not coming in consoles on launch? Tell us in the comments below.

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