iPhone 17 Might Copy This Samsung S24 Ultra Feature

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In Short
  • According to a report by a Weibo account, Apple is planning to add an anti-glare and scratch-resistant display to the iPhone 17.
  • We have already seen Samsung add a similar feature to its latest Samsung S24 Ultra.
  • Corning Armor Display in S24 Ultra reduces glares by 75%, as claimed by Corning.

Samsung S24 Ultra was released with a new Corning’s new “Gorilla Armor” display that offers improved scratch resistance and anti-glare features. It makes the display look dark when turned off and reduces glares by a mile. Now, Apple is ready to copy this feature but it might take a while to do so. As reported by a 9to5Mac, a Weibo account has posted details that Apple is planning to pour billions of dollars into a new coating technology for iPhone 17 screens.

S24 Ultra display
Image Courtesy: Samsung

The new technology would offer “super hard” and “anti-reflective” properties on iPhone 17, which is slated to release in 2025. After readying the technology, Apple has recently handed it over to its supply chain partners in China, which indicates that we might not be able to see it in the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

“Apple spent billions on coating equipment in Japan, which has been handed over to China’s supply chain, but the iPhone 16 series can’t keep up. The outer glass of the iPhone 17 series will be made into a super-hard [anti-reflective] layer. It can be said that the iPhone 17 series will be more scratch-resistant than you think.” – Instant Digital on Weibo

As of now, Apple uses Ceramic Shield coating, which it developed in partnership with Corning, on its iPhone 12 series and above. The new anti-glare and scratch-resistant coating could also be the result of Apple’s partnership with Corning but it might arrive with another name as Apple is known to be fond of introducing a new branding for everything under the sky.

On S24 Ultra, Corning’s Gorilla Armor display offers up to 75% reduction in glares and 4x more protection as compared to its predecessor display protection technology.

With Apple incorporating this feature, it’d be easier to carry iPhones without applying a screen protector (I’d still apply though, just to be risk-free) and the screen will be less prone to minor scratches.

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