Intel Introduces 12th-Gen vPro Processors to Bolster Your Business PCs Security

intel vpro platform

Intel has introduced the new vPro platform with the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors to provide new computing and security solutions to businesses. Intel vPro is offered in four variants, namely Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows, Intel vPro Essentials, Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome, and Intel vPro Evo Design. Here are the details.

Intel vPro Platform Details

The new Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows is a solution meant for large businesses, while the Intel vPro Essentials variant is for small and medium-sized ones. Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome is for the Chromebooks used by various businesses and the Evo Design one combines both the vPro and Evo platforms for the notebooks.

The vPro platform has the backing of the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors that ensure high performance, have support for DDR5 RAM and storage, and connectivity options like Wi-Fi 6E, Thunderbolt 4, and more.

intel vpro platform announced

Intel vPro Eligible Processors

The Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows and Essentials supports the 12th Gen Intel Core U9, U15, P28, and H25 mobile processors. The Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome supports the U9, U15, and P28 processors. Here’s a look at all the eligible processors:

intel vpro processors

There’s support for a number of security features too. For Windows, Intel vPro has the Hardware Shield for the various security solutions for Intel vPro Essentials and Enterprise variants. The Intel Control Flow Enforcement Technology, which has reached desktops for the first time, is meant to protect the device from the insertion of malicious codes into apps executing in PC memory.

Intel’s Threat Detection Technology, which is also new to the 12th Gen processors, will improve the anti-virus software. There’s support for OS virtualization with the help of Intel Total Memory Encryption-Multi-Key and Intel Virtualization Technology with Redirect Protection (Intel VT-rp). Chrome devices get the Intel Total Memory Encryption – Multi-Key and Intel Key Locker features too.

Additional features include Intel Standard Manageability for remote out-of-band Wi-Fi management and Windows PC, the Visualization technology, Intel One-Click Recovery, Intel Remote Platform Erase, and more.

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