I Am Legend 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

In Short
  • I Am Legend 2 has been officially confirmed by Will Smith.
  • Akira Goldsman is confirmed to be returning as the writer for this movie, the return of Director Francis Lawrence is not yet confirmed.
  • Michael B. Jordan has been confirmed to appear in an unannounced role in I Am Legend 2.

Almost 15 years ago, a cinematic, sci-fi horror masterpiece I Am Legend was released. Will Smith was presented to us as Robert Neville surviving a fallen world while looking for a cure. Under the direction of Francis Lawrence, I Am Legend became one of the most iconic movies in the history of sci-fi movies. Now, after so long, its sequel has been greenlit, and I’m pretty excited about it. So, if you are as well, here is everything we know so far about the upcoming I Am Legend 2 film.

As reported by ScreenDaily recently, Will Smith gave a statement after which it’s pretty safe to say that I Am Legend 2 is confirmed. He said,

”We’re going with the mythology of the DVD version where my character lived, I can’t tell you any more but Michael B. Jordan is in and we’re doing it.”

There has been a to-and-fro condition regarding the production of a sequel but nothing concrete made its way to us so far. However, this revelation ended our decade-long wait finally confirming that this movie is happening.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

The I Am Legend 2 release date has not yet been revealed since it has just got to its pre-production stage. For a long time, almost a decade, this movie has been sitting on the shelf.

Since Warner Bros.’s production slate is pretty jam-packed right now, we cannot foresee an I Am Legend 2 release to be before 2025-26 and might be released around the time Constantine 2 does. However, since we have the confirmation of seeing Will Smith in the sequel, the movie is definitely happening, but we will have to go through a significant wait for the release.

The Cast of I Am Legend 2

I am Legend
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Since the day I Am Legend 2 was announced, there have been a lot of talks regarding its cast. As of now, we do know that Will Smith will be reprising his role as Robert Neville.

Now, you must be wondering — “But how did he survive that grenade blast?” Don’t worry, we will come to that later.

Along with Will Smith, Alice Braga will be reprising her role as Anna. According to an interview with Collider, she stated:

How surprised? I was super surprised and very curious. I was almost jumping on the phone and saying, “Can I please be in it? Can I please be in it? Can I please be in it?”Alice Braga

Some new faces are joining in as I Am Legend 2 cast members. However, we do not know all of the new joining actors just yet, but we do have a major name among one of those. Michael B. Jordan is joining the cast in an unspecified role.

As of now, these are the only cast members we are currently aware of. We will update you ASAP as soon as some new information comes up!

I Am Legend: The Alternate Ending

So, you must be wondering how Will Smith’s character survived the ending of I Am Legend. By the end, we see him sacrifice himself to save Anna and her boy. However, what a lot of people don’t know is the fact that I Am Legend had an alternate ending.

In that ending, Will Smith survives and makes it out with Anna and her boy. I Am Legend 2 will pick up from that very alternate ending; the second movie might follow the search for a new home. You can watch the alternate ending of I Am Legend below!

Courtesy: YouTube/ Movieclips

I Am Legend 2 Plot (Speculated)

I am Legend movie
Source: I Am Legend Wiki

As of now, there is nothing solid known about the plot, but we do have certain details about what the plot possibly could be. According to reports, this film will be set a decade after the events of I Am Legend. In this post-apocalyptic world, the Darkseekers are the dominant species and much smarter in comparison to the first movie.

There are rumors that Michael B. Jordan is going to play the role of a Darkseeker, most probably their leader. We could see a war-like scenario between the surviving humans and the Darkseekers. These are just speculations since we do not have anything concrete about the plot of this movie yet.

However, there is no doubt at all about the excitement we feel about this sequel but as of now, let’s just hope that they don’t mess it up, and we get the official release date for I Am Legend 2 soon.

Are they making I Am Legend 2?

Will Smith has confirmed that a sequel to I Am Legend is in the works. It will pick up from the alternate ending of I Am Legend incorporated in the DVD release.

Who is making I Am Legend 2?

Francis Lawrence might return as the director of I Am Legend 2 with Akiva Goldsman confirmed to be returning as the writer for the sequel.

Is Michael B. Jordan playing in I Am Legend 2?

Will Smith will reprise his role as Robert Neville with an unannounced character being played by Michael B. Jordan.

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