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Huawei President Says Company will Still Prefer Android for its Smartphones

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Post the US government imposed ban on conducting business with Huawei, the Chinese giant unveiled Harmony OS, its operating system that the company said will be used by the company going forward. However, Huawei is still sticking with Android for its smartphones, and according to a statement given by the company’s president, it will continue preferring Android for its smartphones in 2020 as well.

Chinese newspaper Shenzhen Special Zone Daily (via MyDrivers), cited Huawei president Wang Chenglu as saying that Harmony OS will make its way to more of the company’s products starting next year. He added, however, that the Chinese giant will still prefer using Android for its smartphones in 2020.

The first device to use Huawei’s brand new Harmony OS was the Huawei Vision smart TV launched by the company back in September this year. According to Huawei, Harmony OS contains fewer lines of code as compared to Android and is better in terms of security as well. Still, the company is sticking with Android for its latest flagships, even though it has had to ship them without Google Play Services due to the ban, and according to this latest statement by the company, it’s going to stick with Android in 2020 as well.

I’m uncertain why the company is choosing this course of action. After all, without the presence of Google Play Services, the company’s phones are essentially handicapped when compared with other Android-powered flagships out there. The only reasoning I can think of, is that the company is trying to lure more developers to its own app store that its shipping on its Android-powered phones, and will make the switch to Android when it has . a strong developer community behind its own app store. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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