Hide Facebook Friends List

How To Hide Your Facebook Friends List

Your Facebook friends list is public by default, but in case you want to hide it, you can easily do that. Here’s how to do it,

Follow these steps for hiding your Facebook friends list from others,

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Open your Facebook friends list and click on the ‘pencil’ icon highlighted in the screenshot below

Facebook friend list hide steps

  • After you click on the ‘pencil’ icon, a drop down menu will appear, click on the ‘Edit privacy’ option.

manage facebook friends list

  • After you click on ‘Edit privacy’, a pop up will appear showing all the privacy options for your Facebook’s friends list and your followers & followings list, here’s how it looks like,

Facebook friends, followers, followings privacy settings

  • By default, your Facebook friends list, followers & followings list is public, which means that everyone who’s on Facebook can see your friends, people you are following and your followers.
  • To change the settings, just click on the default setting, here it is public, so, we have to click on the ‘public’ option, see the screenshot below for more clarity. A drop down will appear showing you all the available privacy options,

facebook friend default setting

how do i hide facebook friends

  • You can choose the privacy setting that suits you the most, If you choose ‘Only me’ option, It will make your friends list completely invisible from everyone. If you choose ‘friends’ option, your friends list will be visible only to your friends and if you want to hide the list from a particular friend or a list of friends, choose ‘custom’ option.
  • Similarly, you can change the settings for your followers and followings.


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I hope this post helped you to change your Facebook friends list privacy setting. In case you have any doubt, feel free to ask in comments below the post.

NOTE: In case you are looking for an option to hide mutual friends on Facebook, I’m afraid that won’t be possible because Facebook doesn’t provide any option for that.

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