How To Go Viral On Internet

There is no app (not even paid), which can tell you how to go viral on Internet. If there was, it might have gone viral too.

But there are few analogies that can be helpful, if you want to give them a try, here they are,

Creativity is loved in all forms by all kinds of people, so if you are creative with whatever you have do, there are bright chances of you getting a lot of attention.

Here’s a must follow tip, Interact with people of similar interests, create a descent social media network around you, which helps you in understanding, ‘what people like more.’

I have learned that no matter what kinda stuff you post on Internet but giving a little room to humor is always beneficial, coz humor is the second most appreciated thing after porn. Yes, I am serious.

Websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg etc works as the epicenter of virality so it is better to get acquinted to them. Talk to power users of these websites and try get tips from them, that can be very helpful.

To Go viral on Internet is a million dollar feeling, at-least to me and for that you have to work hard as well as smart. So, Don’t give up, Keep experimenting, you never know how and when you taste virality.

Even after all this, Is virality guaranteed?

As i told you all, I Have No Idea.

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