How to Redeem Roblox Gift Card (Easy Guide)

In Short
  • Roblox gift cards are an easy way to add Robux in your account and can only be redeemed on the official website.
  • You can buy Roblox gift cards from trusted stores like Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy, where you get a redemption code.
  • To redeem a gift card, head to the official redemption page on the Roblox website -> type the code -> click Redeem.

Roblox gift cards provide you with in-game currency Robux, which you can also buy from various platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and other offline retailers. Robux can help you get fun items and exciting in-game features. You also get exclusive benefits when you redeem the gift cards. However, it can be difficult to redeem a Roblox gift card if it’s your first time. Thankfully, we are here to help with that. So follow this guide as we show you how to redeem a Roblox gift card easily and quickly.

Method 1: Redeem Roblox Gift Cards on PC

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem a gift card on the Roblox app player. Since the app re-directs you to the browser, we are going to use the latter only. So get your Windows or Mac and follow the steps below:

  1. Open your web browser on a PC and go to the Roblox official website login page.
  2. Now, log in using your username/email or phone number and password. If you do not have one, learn how to create a new Roblox account first.
Roblox login page
  1. After you log in, click on the gift cards option on your left menu. This will take you to the gift cards page.
Roblox Gift Cards button
  1. Now, click on the Redeem Card option on the top right of the screen.
Redeem button in gift card page
  1. This will open up the redemption page. Type your 12-digit code that is behind your physical gift card or in your mail (if you got the gift card online) and click on Redeem.
Redeem gift card code

Once you redeem a gift card code, it will show you a dialogue box with a message “Code Successfully redeemed“. You can click Back to Redeem to go back to the previous page.

Code successfully redeemed

Method 2: Redeem Roblox Gift Cards on Mobile

You can also use a mobile phone browser to redeem a Roblox gift card on mobile. The mobile app does not have the option to redeem gift cards, so if you want to know how to redeem Roblox gift cards on a mobile device, then follow the steps below.

  1. First, go to your Google Chrome browser or any Chromium-based browser on your mobile device.
  2. Now, go to Roblox’s official website login page.
  3. After that, log in with your credentials or sign up if you have not logged in before. This will take you to another page. Now, select the “Continue in browser” option from the bottom of the page.
Roblox mobile website
  1. Once you do that, it will take you to the Roblox mobile homepage. Now, select the hamburger menu on the top left and click on the Gift cards option.
  2. This will take you to the gift cards section of the website. After that, click on Redeem card button on the top right of the page.
Redeem gift card section in Roblox mobile
  1. Finally, you will be on the redeem Roblox codes page. Now, Type your 12-digit code that is behind your physical gift card or in your mail (if you got the gift card online) and click on Redeem after ticking the acknowledgment.
  2. If you put the code right, it will show “code successfully redeemed.” You can now click Back to Redeem to head back.
Redeem button and Redeem successful option

How to Check Roblox Credit Balance

If you redeem the credit balance, the amount will show on the same dialogue box as the Code Successfully Redeemed. You cannot check your credit balance on all pages on the website. Follow the steps below to find your credit balance after redemption:

  • Visit the Gift Card Redemption page. Your available credit will appear below the Redeem button.
  • You can also visit the Roblox website.
  • Alternatively, visit the Roblox website, select the gear icon on the top right, and go to Settings.
Roblox website settings button
  • Then, you will see the Billing Settings. You will see all your previous credits in Roblox.
Billing menu in Roblox

Where Can You Buy Roblox Gift Cards?

You can purchase Roblox gift cards using two ways – Online and Offline. The availability of the gift card depends on your location if you are getting it offline. The gift cards that you can get are worth $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

  • Offline: To get the gift cards offline, you must visit stores selling them. The most common offline stores are 7-Eleven, Best Buy, and Toys “R” Us. You can also order a physical card by visiting this official physical gift card website.
  • Online: If you do not have any offline stores nearby or just want to stay on your couch while buying gift cards, then you can buy them online. There are multiple online sites where you can get Roblox gift cards. You can get it directly from the official website here, or you can get it via Amazon, Walmart, Target, GameStop, and other online retailers. The online gift card comes in an email with the redemption code.
Buying online gift card roblox

And that is how you can quickly redeem gift cards in Roblox. Depending on your platform, you can follow any of the methods above. Are you facing issues with redeeming the gift cards? Let us know in the comments below, and we will help you out.

How do I redeem a Roblox gift card in PS4/ PS5 or Xbox?

Currently, Roblox gift card redemption does not have support for Playstation or Xbox. You can only redeem them from the Roblox website from the same account you play Roblox from.

How many times a Roblox gift card can be redeemed?

The gift card can be redeemed only once. Make sure that you are logged in to the correct Roblox account. You can only redeem a gift card on the account that it was purchased for.

When does the Roblox gift card expire?

Check the expiration date of your gift card in the mail or physical copy. Gift cards expire 12 months after they are purchased.

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