How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has an abundance of hard-hitting weapons, but it also includes a fair share of bizarre weapons like the Ringed Finger Hammer. Yeah, it looks exactly like the name makes it out to be – a giant finger line with a number of decorative rings. The Ringed Finger Hammer is meme-worthy, especially on TikTok, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. This weapon has decent performance and helps break through a guard post with ease. Unfortunately, finding the Ringed Finger Hammer requires a lot of exploration on the player’s part. So, in this guide, we will share the location of this weapon and help you get the Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring. After all, we all love those “try finger, but hole” meme messages in the game a little bit.

If players have visited the Caria Manor in Elden Ring, they might recognize the Ringed Finger Hammer. The problem with Ringed Finger Hammer is that it’s neither an enemy drop nor it is easy to track. To find this strange weapon, players need to venture out to one specific area of the Lands Between. So, let’s not waste more time and locate the Ringed Finger Hammer.

What is the Ringed Finger Hammer?


As the name reveals, the Ringed Finger Hammer is a weapon with the game’s titular rings that players can equip and attack enemies with. While most hammers in Elden Ring look like their real-life counterpart with some visual modification, Ringed Finger Hammer is a finger from the Fingercreeper from Caria Manor, bejeweled with shiny rings. You know, the enemies that look like a large, blue hand with rings on one of its fingers.

Ringed Finger Hammer is more of a bludgeon instead of a hammer and is a good weapon to damage enemies with a strong guard. Moreover, this hammer also has a unique weapon art called “Claw Flick,” where the finger swells up and flicks the enemies with immense strength. Who or where the weapon was conjured is a fact unknown. However, the official item description says the following:

“Bludgeon made of an enormous finger sheathed in several heavy rings. Thought to have been cut from an ancestor of the Fingercreeper. Some life yet remains in this legacy of an ancient act of blasphemy, as evidenced by the barely perceptible warmth it still exudes.”

How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring

There is only one Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring for players to obtain and wield. As for its location, well, the weapon is hidden in one of the hero’s graves in the Altus Plateau. Here are the steps to find the Ringed Finger Hammer.

  • First, reach the area between Mt Gelmir and Altus Plateau. Follow the northern roads of the Altus Plateau around the mountains and through the Abductor village. Keep in mind that it’s a mid-to-late game area, so you need to progress well into the game to reach here. The closest site of grace is Primeval Sorceror Azur, which unlocks after defeating the side-boss Demi-Human Queen Maggie.
  • Head inside the Gelmir Hero’s Grave dungeon by taking a lift inside. Make sure you activate the site of grace.
  • Here, take a left, and follow the road until you find a room with a pathway in the middle and lava canals at the side.
How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring
  • Before you follow the road, remember that a chariot patrols the paths of this room, and it instantly kills players by running over them. Fortunately, at a few meters, there are small arches (marked below) where players can enter quickly and wait for the chariot to move away before they start running for their lives again.
Elden RIng Ringed Finger Hammer Arches
  • Once the chariot turns around, start running by holding space on the keyboard (B on an Xbox controller and circle on a PlayStation controller). Reach the arch and take out the skeleton inside the arch. Don’t worry about killing them while they resurrect because the chariot will take care of them if they are in the middle of its pathway.
  • Keep following the above path until you find the edge of the floor, where the pool of lava starts. There are no possible ways to skip the pool of lava, so start rolling to the wall at the end. There will be a spot at the right if players roll straight. Go and stand there to take a breather.
Elden RIng Ringed Finger Hammer location
  • Right across the spot, there will be a room across the lava floor on the south side. Roll across to enter the room and open the chest to obtain the weapon.

Ringed Finger Hammer: Stats and Abilities

Once you reach the location of the Ringed Finger Hammer and find the chest, you need to learn the weapon’s stats and attacks to wield it well. The weapon has decent base stats, making it a viable weapon if players want to run it for a while or just meme in PvP. The base stats are as under:

Physical: 121Physical: 38
Magic: 0Magic: 26
Fire: 0Fire: 26
Light: 0Light: 26
Holy: 0Holy: 38
Critical: 100Boost: 28

Ringed Finger Hammer scales with attributes like Strength and Dexterity, and the requirements for wielding it are pretty modest. The stats are as follows:

Note: Remember that scaling is measured in descending order alphabetically, with ‘E’ being the lowest and ‘A’ being the highest.

Strength: EStrength: 15
Dexterity: EDexterity: 9

As for unique skills and weapon requirements, the stats for the Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring are as follows.

Weapon Type/Skill/WeightRequirements and Damage Type
Weapon Type: HammerDamage Type: Strike
Unique Weapon Skill: Claw FlickFocus Point Requirement: 14
Weapon Weight: 4.5No Passive Abilities

Things to Consider Before Equipping Ringed Finger Hammer

  • While almost every weapon in Elden Ring can be viable and something worth using up until the end game, Ringed Finger Hammer is more of a novelty weapon, which players with an affinity for trolling in online PvP fights use.
  • Ringed Finger Hammer does not allow any Ash of War infusion.
  • This weapon has longer weapon reach than most hammers in the game. Ringed Finger Hammer is specifically tailored to suit players with mid-Dexterity and high-strength builds.

And in this article, we discovered how to find and use one of the most peculiar weapons in Elden Ring. While most weapons look classy and boast excellent stats, the Ringed Finger Hammer is designed for people who wish to look ridiculous and have some fun running through the Lands Between. Furthermore, its special Ash of War makes the Ringed Finger Hammer a terrific addition to an already huge arsenal in the game. Did you track down and use this unique-looking hammer in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below. While you are here, we also suggest checking out Minecraft Legends, the new action strategy game from Mojang that launches in April 2023.

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