How to Get iOS 11 Like Control Center On Any Android Device

iOS 11 brings a ton of new features, making one of the greatest mobile operating systems even better. Some of the major features include the all new Dock for iPads, easier multitasking, the new Files app, Drag and Drop, refreshed App Store, and the redesigned Control Center among others. Of all the features, the most controversial feature in iOS 11 is the new redesigned Control Center. Some people love its customisability while the others hate its looks. As an Android user, I have always given more importance to customisability over looks, so, needless to say, I quite like it. However, I don’t like it enough to ever switch to an iPhone from my Android phone. If only there was a way to run the Control Center on my Android device. Well, if you’ve ever thought the same, and you want to experience the Control Center on your Android device, here is how to get iOS 11 like Control Center on any Android device:

Note: I am using my OnePlus 3 for this tutorial, but the process will work on any Android Device running 4.1 or above.

Get iOS 11 Control Center on Android Using Third-Party Apps


There are a lot of apps on the Play Store which promise to bring the iOS Control Center to Android, but none of them matches “Control Center OS 11” (free). The app just works. In my one day of use, unlike other apps, this one never crashed on me. Since the moment I enabled it, till the time of writing this article, the app was working without any hiccup. That’s why this app is your best bet, when it comes to getting Control Center on your Android device.

Once you install the app, the app will ask for various permissions, which you will have to grant for it to work. The app needs these permissions to work properly. If you don’t grant these permissions to the app, it will crash and will not work properly. As far as the process of granting permission is concerned, it is really easy. The app itself will guide you to the settings page and all you will need to do is to enable the respective setting for the app.

Once you grant the permission, you can open the app to access its settings. The app settings page allows to highly customise the Control Center. For example, you can decide, if you want to access the Control Center using the bottom, right, or the left swipe. Here you can also enable the size and colour of the swipe area. To do this, just launch the app and tap on “size” as shown in the figure. Here you can make all the above-mentioned changes. While you are here, you should also enable the “Show on everything” option, this will allow you to access the Control Center from everywhere (even from the lock screen).

One neat feature here is that other than adding settings, you can also add app shortcuts. On the app’s homepage tap on “Add favorite app” and then press the (+) icon. Now, you will be guided to a list of all your apps and you can choose the one you like.

For example, I chose the Fenix app and now I can access it from the Control Center. There are a lot of other settings to play with. For example, you can enable “Assistive Touch”, change the colour and the background of the Control Center, and change the language among other things. Feel free to explore the settings and customise the Control Center to your liking.

There’s one more point that I want to discuss and that is the 3D-touch part. You can use the 3D-touch gesture present on the iPhone by long pressing an icon on the Control Center. However, it doesn’t work for all the icons, for example, the music icon doesn’t have a long press gesture.

Probably the only bad thing about this app is that it is supported by ads. There’s no pro version, so you cannot disable the ads even if you want to. However, the good thing is that you will open the app only when you are setting it up.

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Use The iOS 11 Control Center On Android

So, there you have it. You can just install the Control Center OS 11 app to get the iOS 11 Control Center on Android. It’s simple and works very very well, unlike most other apps which claim to bring iOS-like features on Android. Well, try the app out and let us know how you like the Control Center on your Android smartphone in the comments section below.

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