How to Fix Minecraft Outdated Client Error

In Short
  • The Minecraft Outdated client error appears due to your game being incompatible with the Minecraft version you're playing.
  • To fix it, you can restart the Minecraft Launcher. If that doesn't work, you should update Minecraft in your device's app store.
  • If this error appears when you're joining a server, then you should install a new version that matches the server's.

Unfortunately, Minecraft running into various errors isn’t a rare occurrence. One such issue is the Minecraft outdated client error. This pesky error refuses to launch the Minecraft client because it believes it to be outdated. So if you’re someone locked out of your game, keep reading as we show you how to fix the outdated client error in Minecraft.

Fix Outdated Client Error in Minecraft

Here are some easy and simple methods you can utilize to get rid of the outdated client error in Minecraft.

1. Restart Minecraft Launcher

The simplest and easiest fix for the outdated client error is to restart the Minecraft Launcher app. This way you’re manually forcing it to update to the latest version. Because of that, it might take a bit of time for it to finish behind-the-scenes processes. Although this is the fastest solution to this problem, it may not work for everyone. If it doesn’t, keep reading.

2. Update Minecraft

If the Minecraft client outdated error still persists, then your next best bet is to update your game. The easiest way to fix this is to head over to your device’s app store, find Minecraft, and check for updates.

If there are updates, the game will automatically download them thereby fixing the outdated client error in Minecraft. While this step will depend on your platform, the process remains the same.

Update Minecraft on Microsoft Store

Android and iOS users should simply head over to their respective app storefronts and manually update Minecraft to get rid of the outdated client error. On Nintendo Switch, you should click on the Minecraft icon, and then on the “+” sign. After that, select “Software Update” and finally “Via the Internet”.

PS4 & PS5 players can update Minecraft by selecting the Minecraft icon, then “Options” and finally “Check for Update“, which will download the update.

3. Match Your Minecraft Version to the Server’s Version

There are times you might be getting the Minecraft outdated client while trying to join a server. For all those cases and more follow the steps below to fix it:

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher app and select Java Edition.
  • Then, select “Installations” on top and click on “New Installation“.
  • Here you can choose a name for the installation and most importantly set its version. This version should match the server’s version you’re trying to join.
Create a new installation for Minecraft Java edition
  • You can leave the rest as is and click on “Create” once you’re done.
  • After you’ve made a new installation, you should enable it by selecting it in the drop-down menu next to the Play button.

Provided you follow the steps above, you should fix the outdated client error in Minecraft and join the servers with no issues.

What Is the Minecraft Outdated Client Error?

So, what even is the Minecraft outdated client error and why does it show up? Well, the most common reason for this error is that the Minecraft server version is incompatible with your installed one.

That’s why updating your game or simply restarting the Minecraft Launcher are often times guaranteed fixes. However, this won’t work if you’re trying to connect to a server. So, matching your Minecraft version with the server’s will resolve potential issues and let you play on it, as the two versions are compatible.

With that said, you now know how to fix the outdated client error in Minecraft and why it appears. We have also covered how you can Minecraft Exit Code 1 error and the Abandoned Connection Closed error if you’re having issues with them too.

We hope you were able to solve the outdated client error in your Minecraft installation. Still having trouble? Drop your questions in the comments below!

Why am I not able to update Minecraft?

You may not be able to update Minecraft due to internal issues with the launcher. You can try repairing and resetting the Minecraft Launcher app. However, if that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the launcher.

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