How to Fix the LE-65 Error in Last Epoch

In Short
  • LE-65 is a network-sided error that prevents players from joining the game.
  • Possible fixes for the error include restarting the game, turning off the VPN, or verifying file integrity on Steam.
  • If all possible fixes fail, it's best to wait for an official hotfix.

Being an online-based game, it’s hardly a surprise that Last Epoch will have its own fair share of errors. One of the peskiest currently going around the game is the LE-65 error. Creating widespread connection issues, the LE-65 error in Last Epoch is causing a lot of headaches to gamers worldwide. If you’re one of the unfortunate souls plagued with it, this one’s for you. So, without further ado, let’s find out what exactly the LE-65 error in Last Epoch is and how to fix it.

What Is the LE-65 Error in Last Epoch?

The LE-65 error has been bothering users since Last Epoch launched. In short, the LE-65 Error prevents players from connecting to Last Epoch servers. The error is accompanied by a message that states, “Failed to connect server,” along with the error code.

The LE-65 error then kicks the players back to the title screen or crashes the game altogether. While there is no definitive reason for it, some causes include server-side issues and game overload. Let’s discuss how you can possibly fix the LE-65 error in Last Epoch below.

Possible Fixes to the LE-65 Error in Last Epoch

1. Verify File Integrity

While not all too common, there is a chance that a few game files might have been corrupted during a Last Epoch update. Broken files can cause mismatching DLLs and other missing locations. A good fix to this problem is to verify the game’s file integrity on Steam. Quickly follow the steps below to do so.

  • Right-click on Last Epoch in your library and then on “Properties.”
  • On the left sidebar that comes up, click on “Installed Files.”
  • Once there, click on “Verify integrity of game files” to start the process.
Right click on the game and open up the properties

The verification process will take some time. In case there indeed were any corrupted files, they will automatically be replaced. This should fix the pesky LE-65 error in Last Epoch.

2. Ensure Your VPN Is Turned Off

Since the LE-65 is primarily a network-sided error, there is a good chance it can happen because of conflicts in your network routing. This primarily happens when you have a VPN or a DNS like Cloudflare WARP turned on. Thankfully, a quick solution to this is simply turning them off. Just head on over to the VPN service you’re using and toggle it off. In most cases, that should fix the error and allow you to play Last Epoch online.

3. Restart The Game

Sometimes, the best fixes are also the simplest ones. Many members on the official Last Epoch forums have pointed out that a simple restart of the game is fixing the LE-65 error. To get started, simply log off the game and close the Steam client. Once done, restart both the client and the game and log back in. If all goes well, the LE-65 error will go away.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

This is another seemingly simple yet effective solution to the LE-65 error. As we’ve mentioned before, this is a network-specific problem. Errors like these are often caused not only by the game’s servers but also by poor Internet connections. These, coupled with a corrupt router cache, can cause problems. Thankfully, the fix here is an easy one, too.

To begin, simply turn off your router and keep it that way for at least ten seconds. Once done, restart it to get connectivity back up. Chances are the freshly created ISP link will flush out the router cache and resolve the LE-65 error in Last Epoch. Alternatively, ensure that your NAT type isn’t preventing you from connecting to the servers. To fix that, consider talking with your ISP provider for the exact port forwarding to fix it.

5. If All Else Fails, Wait for an Update or Play Offline

While we know this step isn’t ideal, you can hardly do anything if the above fixes don’t work. Thankfully, Eleventh Hour Games have regularly deployed fixes for Last Epoch. As such, you can expect a hotfix for the LE-65 error to be fixed soon enough. For those cases and more, play the waiting game.

An alternate solution to this error is to also play offline. However, you need to create a separate character from your online character to do so.

So did you end up resolving the LE-65 error in Last Epoch? Let us know in the comments below!

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