How to Find The Hall of Whispers in Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that evolves with every new season, and it brings over brand-new challenges and locations. While most might think it is a generic battle royale, the game has an ongoing storyline for several seasons. To fit those themes, it introduces new challenges that help you finish battle pass levels. The Hall of Whispers is a new location introduced in Fortnite season 4. And like other new locations, you will have a new challenge to complete.

In this guide, we share the process of finding the location of the Hall of Whispers and completing the challenge. Let’s dive right into it!

What is the Hall of Whispers in Fortnite?

The Hall of Whispers is a landmark in the battle royale part of Fortnite. First added to the game in Chapter 4: Season One, this location acts as the outpost of the Reality Warriors. While the details on the Reality Warriors are very limited, this location and the structure get teleported to the island from Reality 659 during the Fracture event. The entire snowy area is part of Reality 659, which gets pulled into the island of Fortnite.

The Hall of Whispers Location in Fortnite

The Hall of Whispers location

The Hall of Whisper is an easily accessible area that you can explore and immediately find in Fortnite. You can find this base right at the edge of the new Reality 659 land that spawned in season 4. It’s located on the snowy terrain, and we’ve marked it on the map for your convenience.

Another way to locate the Hall of Whispers is by landing at the Brutal Bastion. This is the landmark of the Reality 656 region. Then, you’ll need to head southwest to reach the Hall of Whispers. Here, you can find the usual loots and an NPC to interact with. In each season, this NPC changes to a new one, fitting the theme. Here’s a whole list of NPCs that have spawned in this location to date:

  • Chapter 4 Season 1: Rebel
  • Chapter 4 Season 3: Volpez
  • Chapter 4 Season 4: Arctic Assassin

Each of these NPCs provides you with certain services. Sometimes, that can be an item, and at other times, it can be their assistance. For the Arctic assassin, she offers a med-pack and a purple DMR.

How to Complete Hall of Whispers Challenge

If you are searching for the location of the Hall of Whispers in Fortnite, chances are that you want to complete the Fortnitemares challenge. It includes reaching the Hall of Whispers from Secluded Spire without touching the water. To complete the challenge, follow these steps.

  • Land at the designated place, which is Secluded Spire) and start looting items. Chances are that you will find the “Witch Broom” at the location.
Fortnite Halls of Whisper landing location
  • Then, position yourself at this particular location. If you are playing build mode, create a bridge to cross the water. If you are in a no-build match, you will need the Witch Broom, Rocket Ram, or any traversal item.
Go to the riverside behind the landed structure
  • Once you cross the waters, walk straight to the Hall of Whispers. Doing so will complete the challenge and grant you XP.
Hall of Whispers

Now, you have all the information regarding the Hall of Whispers in Fortnite. This is one of the easier ways to receive experience points in the game and reach one step closer to completing your battle pass. So, did you try out the new Halloween challenges in Fortnite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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