How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome (Guide)

If you are like me and you do a lot of late night reading, you will understand that dark mode is like a god sent feature for people like us. Many developers have noticed our late night usage patterns and included ‘dark mode’ in their apps natively. But what if you like to browse the web on your desktop. Sadly, there’s no browser which natively supports dark mode, however, there are ways you can use to enable dark mode and enjoy surfing the web in the middle of the night without potentially blinding yourself.

The Chrome Web Store is full of some great extensions. In fact, the real power of Chrome browser is realized only when you start using its extensions. Pretty much any feature you can think of or wish for to be there on Chrome, can be enabled by using the right extension. Similarly, even the dark mode can also be enabled using an extension. So, if you were looking for a way to enable dark mode on your Chrome browser, this is how you do it:

Enable Dark Mode on Selected Websites

  • Installing the Required Extension

Go to the Chrome Web Store and under the Extensions tab, search for “Stylish”. Alternatively, click on this link and you will be redirected to the required extension. Click on the “Add to Chrome” tab to add this extension to your browser. Now you will be able to see and access the extension from the top-right corner of your Chrome browser.

  • Enabling the Dark Mode

Suppose you are on Medium catching up on your favourite articles. If you want to enable the dark mode, just click on the stylish extension icon. You will see a drop-down list of all the themes available for it. Select a dark theme and hit install. Here, I chose the very first one on the list. As soon as the theme is installed, you will see that dark mode has been enabled.

Stylish Installing the style

And this is how it looks after enabling the dark mode.

Stylish recaptured

You can enable the dark mode for most of the popular websites like Quora, Medium, YouTube, Reddit, etc. Once enabled, the dark mode will remain in effect until you decide to manually disable it. You can also enable or disable the dark mode for all the websites with a single click. Just right click on the stylish icon and select “Turn all styles off” to turn the styles on or off for all the websites at once.

Turning all Styles off

Enable Dark Mode on All Websites

  • Installing the Required Extension

If you do not want to go through the process of installing styles for different websites and want an extension which works for all the websites on Chrome with just a click of the button, try out “Care Your Eyes“. This extension allows you to enable the dark mode on any website, however you should keep in mind that it does not provide a true dark mode as the color shifts more towards greyer palate than black.

  • Enabling the Dark Mode

To enable the dark mode, whenever you are on a website, click on its icon by finding it on the top right corner of your chrome browser and selecting both the Blacklist Mode and the Night Mode option. If even after applying the Night Mode, the website does not switch to dark mode, just refresh the page to enable it. You can disable or enable the dark mode for all the websites at once by clicking on the disabled/enable button at the top of the drop down menu.

night mode

Look at the picture below to see how the website looks after enabling the dark mode. Although it does not provide a true dark mode, in my opinion, it provides a far more pleasant reading experience and puts less pressure on your eyes. The only problem is that it somewhat also affects and distorts the colour of images present on the websites, which might be a deal-breaker for some people.

Night mode using care

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Read Like a Ninja by Enabling Dark Mode on Chrome

Using extension on Chrome can take your browsing game to the next level. You just need to find the right ones. We have written a lot of articles covering many such good extensions. Click here to go through them, as you never know what valuable nuggets you might find. If you like this article, let us know in the comment section below. Also tell us about your favourite Chrome extensions along with the websites which keep you awake in the night.

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