Netflix Now Lets You Disable Autoplaying Videos; Here’s How to Do It

netflix pause autoplay videos

After a long time of turning a blind eye to complaints about the incessant auto-playing of videos while browsing the library, Netflix is finally giving subscribers the option to disable this annoying feature. With the latest update, Netflix users will now not only be able to prevent the next episode in a series from playing immediately after you complete watching one but also skip automatic previews on the homepage.

As part of its plan to offer more granular options to users, Netflix now offers two different autoplay settings that users can turn on or off. The first is the autoplaying of the next episode in a series, and the second is autoplaying a preview of the title you’re hovering over.

The changes to these settings are specific to a profile and will take effect across all devices you are logged into. Users can adjust these settings on the Netflix website as of now, but hopefully, the feature will be made available on the mobile app soon.

How to Turn off Netflix Autoplaying Videos

To turn off Netflix autoplaying videos, here’s what you have to do:

  • Sign in to Netflix, and click on the Manage Profiles option from the menu at the top right.

  • Click on the profile you want to make changes to.

  • Here you can make changes to the ‘Autoplay controls’ option to suit your needs.

It’s good to see that Netflix is finally listening to its users and offering a feature that has been requested for years. While many users didn’t mind the minor annoyance, a large section of users had been actively pestering the company to get rid of the auto-playing previews. Now, many of them are celebrating the change by posting jubilant messages on social media.

Did the autoplay previews or automatic next episode playback annoy you too? I didn’t really mind it and won’t be turning off the feature.

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