How to Clean Charging Port on iPhone

Are you experiencing issues while trying to charge your iPhone? Or your iPhone is not charging at all? While this issue can occur due to a damaged charging port, it can also happen when your iPhone’s charging port accumulates dust and debris. The charging port on your iPhone easily attracts dirt & dust particles, resulting in the improper connection of the charging cable with the port. This post details how to clean iPhone charging port at home.

Pre-requisites to Clean iPhone Charging Port

  1. A flashlight
  2. Wooden toothpicks
  3. Manual air pump
  4. Cotton swabs
  5. Rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Power Off Your iPhone

The first and foremost step to clean your iPhone’s charging port is powering the device down. Here is how you do that:

1. Press and hold the “Power” button and the “lower volume button” together for a few seconds.

clean iPhone charging port

2. Now, move the on-screen “power slider” to the right to turn off your iPhone. 

clean iPhone charging port

Step 2: Use a Flashlight to Peek Inside the Charging Port

Once you have turned off your iPhone, it is time to check what might be blocking your charging port. Is it dust, debris, or something else? It is time to find out:

1. Place your iPhone with the charging port facing upwards and shine a flashlight into the charging port.

clean iPhone charging port

2. With the flashlight at a right angle, you will easily notice any and all dust and debris clogging the charging port.

3. Carefully inspect the edges to spot dust or sticky buildup that might prevent you from plugging in the charging cable into the lightning port properly.

Step 3: Blow Air into the iPhone Charging Port

Since Apple doesn’t recommend using compressed air to clean the charging port, you can use a manual air pump for the task. It can easily remove particles like lint, pet fur, or dust. Here’s how you can do it:

1. With the help of a “manual air pump,” shoot a few bursts of air into the lightning port.

clean iPhone charging port

2. Use the flashlight again to check for any dust, lint, or dirt.

3. If no particles are found, wait a few minutes and try putting your iPhone on charge again.

And if the problem persists, move to the next step to learn how to clean the charging port more thoroughly. Blowing air into the charging port is the most basic solution to the problem, we have more advanced solutions below.

Step 4: Use a Toothpick to Clean Charging Port

Sometimes the iPhone charging port can get clogged due to dirt clumps and air isn’t enough to clean it. In that case, a wooden toothpick is the only acceptable tool to insert into the charging port.

1. Insert the wooden toothpick inside the iPhone’s lightning port.

clean iPhone charging port

2. Gently scrape the edges of the charging port with the toothpick to dislodge the dirt.

3. Remember not to scrape roughly or use extensive force, as it can damage the delicate parts of the charging port. You can also use the same method to clean the speaker grill of your iPhone.

Step 5: Use a Cotton Swab + Rubbing Alcohol

If you find a sticky substance while cleaning the charging port, it won’t be easy to remove with any sharp or dry tool. In that case, using a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol is the ideal solution. Here’s how you can perform the cleaning:

1. Take a cotton swab and dip it into a bowl of rubbing alcohol.

clean iPhone charging port 1

2. Then, gently push the swab into the charging port to clean the debris.

clean iPhone charging port

3. Then, circle the cotton swab around the charging port until all the dirt and dust sticks to it.

4. Finally, allow the charging port to dry before attempting to restart your iPhone.

Your iPhone should now charge perfectly if the issue was due to accumulated dirt and dust. Always remember to clean the lightning port of your iPhone regularly to avoid this issue.

And that’s it. This is how you can clean your iPhone charging port. If the charging issue still persists, even after performing the above steps, we suggest you check out these fixes to try if your iPhone is not charging or take your iPhone to the service center for professional guidance.

How can I clean my iPhone charger port without a toothpick?

You can use a paperclip or a Q-tip to clean iPhone charging port instead of a toothpick. But be gentle while inserting the tools inside the charging port and cleaning it.

Is it safe to clean iPhone charging port?

Yes, it is, but make sure not to apply too much force or scrape roughly around the walls of the charging port, as it can damage the pins inside it.

Will rubbing alcohol damage my charging port?

No, using a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab will not damage your charging port.

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    You can use a plastic tool as well, not just wood. The alcohol should be 99% isopropyl because the lower % leaves residue.

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