House of the Dragon Season 2 Release Date Revealed in Two New Trailers

House of the Dragon Season 2
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In Short
  • Two trailers for House of the Dragon Season 2 have been released.
  • The trailers are titled - The Green Trailer and The Black Trailer.
  • House of the Dragon Season 2 will premiere on June 16, 2024, on Max.

After a frustratingly long wait, House of the Dragon finally got not one but two official trailers for Season 2. Along with it, HBO Max also announced the release date for the premiere episode of the second season.

Unlike other television shows/movies, House of the Dragon Season 2 has received two official trailers, which we’ve rarely seen happening in the industry. One trailer is titled ‘The Green Trailer‘, and the other is called ‘The Black Trailer‘. For the unacquainted, The Green Trailer is targeted toward House Hightower, and the Black Trailer, obviously, focuses on House Targaryen.

At the beginning of one of the trailers, we see Tom Glynn Carney, on-screen Aegon Targaryen, saying, ‘There are two sides to every story.’ The next moment we get to see Emma D’arcy saying, ‘Watch both and choose a side.’ The trailer showcases Aegon Targaryen sitting on the Iron Throne, which previously wouldn’t have troubled Rhaenyra so much.

However, after getting her son murdered by Aemond, Aegon’s brother, Rhaenyra wants the Iron Throne more than ever. On top of that, she’ll want revenge, which means the legendary “Dance of the Dragon” will begin in the second season. So, as stated by Otto Hightower in the trailer, “The path to victory now is one of violence.”

House of the Dragon is an HBO original television series, which is also the prequel to one of the most celebrated fantasy drama TV series, Game of Thrones. The series premiered worldwide in April 2021 and ran for 10 weekly episodes. With strong performances and remarkable character developments, House of the Dragon won millions of hearts. In fact, the premiere episode of season 1 broke viewership records on HBO Max by getting around 10 Million views on the first day itself.

The first season of HOTD Season 1 concluded with the shocking death of Rhaenyra’s second son Lucerys. When Daemon whispered the tragic news in Rhaenyra’s ears, the way she reacted was enough to give an idea of how the next season would take an even darker route.

As confirmed in the trailers, Season 2 of House of the Dragon will premiere on June 16, 2024, on Max. It’s good news that we won’t have to wait the entire year to experience the upcoming events. The season is only a couple of months away, and the community can’t be more excited.

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