Honkai Star Rail: 3 New Characters Revealed in Latest Drip Marketing Campaign

Sparkle, Black Swan, and Misha Honkai Star Rail Drip Campaign
In Short
  • Honkai Star Rail dropped their latest Drip Marketing Campaign for the 2.0 update, revealing 3 new characters.
  • Sparkle (5* Harmony), Black Swan (5* Nihility), and Misha (4* Destruction) are the 3 new Honkai Star Rail characters revealed in the campaign.
  • Acheron didn't feature in the campaign, and won't likely feature in the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 banners.

Honkai Star Rail’s community has been buzzing the last few weeks, with massive news dropping every few days. First, The Game Awards 2023 trailer revealed Penacony as the next destination, and now we have three new characters — Black Swan, Misha, and Sparkle — revealed in the latest Drip Marketing campaign.

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Characters Revealed

Three new characters have been revealed in a series of tweets by Honkai Star Rail. While we are not sure these will be the characters that we will see in the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 update, it’s highly unlikely that Hoyoverse will drop them before the 2.0 update. Let’s check out the details of upcoming Honkai Star Rail characters.

Honkai Star Rail: Sparkle

Sparkle is featured as a 5-star Harmony character with the Quantum damage type. With Ruan Mei releasing in 1.6 as the first limited 5-star Harmony, we will also have high expectations from Sparkle’s kit. Having the Quantum damage type already sets her up for mono Quantum teams, which is one of the best team comps for Swarm Disaster.

Her style looks very aesthetic, and she is described as a woman with ‘countless masks and many faces‘ and a ‘dangerous master of theatrics engrossed in playing roles.’ She is also said to have no love for wealth, status, or power; only amusement lures her interest.

Honkai Star Rail: Misha

Next, we have Misha, the new 4-star Destruction character with the Ice damage type, who dropped out of nowhere. We had no leaks prior to his announcement, and the reveal has baffled the community. He is described as a lovable and thoughtful bellboy of The Reverie Hotel who wants to become an intergalactic adventurer like his grandfather, another person to be excited about.

Hardworking and skilled with machines, he also has a ‘fondness of sharing interstellar rumors with guests‘, so now we know whom to approach for rumors when we hit Penacony.

Honkai Star Rail: Black Swan

Black Swan’s drip marketing was released with the latest episode of Developer Radio. She will be a 5-star Wind Nihility character, so expect DoTs to make a big comeback in the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 update.

Described as a mysterious and elegant soothsayer, she bears a warm smile and patiently heeds the words of others to use them as a pretext for entering their memories. Her character is surrounded by mystique, and she is bound to reveal exciting lore about the Garden of Recollection and possibly March 7th’s past.

Sparkle, Black Swan, & Misha: English Voice Actors

The Drip Marketing campaign also reveals that Sparkle’s English voice is voiced by Lizzie Freeman, and Cat Protano does Misha’s English voice. Also, Arryn Zech will lend Black Swan’s English voice, which we already knew from the Penacony trailer.

Honkai Star Rail 2.0: Acheron Banner?

Acheron was revealed in the Penacony trailer, and she will likely play a big part in the Penacony Trailblaze mission. However, it is clear from the recent drip marketing campaign that Acheron won’t feature in the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 update.

The three new characters in Honkai Star Rail have all stirred a reaction in the community. We would love to know about your favorite pick, so remember to share with us in the comments.

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