Hideo Kojima Finally Reveals OD, His New Xbox Horror Game

Hideo Kojima OD Featured
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  • At the Game Awards 2023, Hideo Kojima, along with Xbox Game Studios, finally revealed his upcoming horror game titled "OD."
  • The teaser trailer showcases a variety of motion videos captured by the upcoming cast, including Sophia Lillis and Hunter Schafer.
  • Kojima also brought horror director and comedian Jordan Peele on stage, adding OD will be a new form of media.

The Game Awards 2023 show packed a lot of different announcements. However, amidst them all, we were all waiting for a visit from Hideo Kojima. We have finally been blessed as Kojima-san made an appearance today and finally revealed official information for his upcoming and mysterious Xbox project titled OD (Overdose).

The short yet gripping trailer dropped at the awards, showing a collage of different face models uttering confusing yet horrific voice lines. While the trailer itself wasn’t too long, it packed various face models or “Metahumans” that inspired a lot of confusion and terror at the Game Awards 2023.

Sophia Lillis OD

Speaking at the game awards, Kojima commented that OD will “use Xbox’s cloud gaming to make an immersive experience that no one has seen before.” He further commented that OD will be a new game, it will also be a combination of a movie and a new type of media.

The main roles for Kojima’s OD will feature Sophia Lillis and Hunter Shafer in motion capture roles, as it looks. Horror director and comedian Jordan Peele’s mysterious entry at the awards show further supplemented the surprise reveal. While we don’t know if Peele has provided the screenplay for OD, it will be twice as good if that ends up happening.

While Hideo Kojima finally showed us OD at the Game Awards 2023, this isn’t the first time it has been mentioned. The game was previously mentioned through various leaks and rumors that have had gamers waiting anxiously ever since.

However, do note that we don’t have a solid release date and will have to wait a while. Nonetheless, with the official reveal of Kojima’s horror game, we can’t wait to OD on it. What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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