Steam games buy feat.

Here’s All the Money You Need to Get All the Games on Steam

Steam games buy feat.

Valve’s digital marketplace for games, Steam, as we know, is a haven for all kinds of gamers. As of 2019, Steam had 30,000 games along with 21,000 other content like videos, software, and DLC. However, right now, I am sure that it has much more content than the previous year as all types of games keep launching on the platform all year long. Now, have you ever wondered how much would you have to pay to buy all the games on Steam? Well, someone did and made a website to showcase the amount.

“Buy All Steam Games” is a simple website created by an Australia-based Chinese programmer, Chenggang Wang, to showcase the amount of money that you need to shed to get all the games on Steam. So, as of writing this article, the value of all the games on Steam is $523,940.86.

Now, as we know that Valve, most of the time, gives discounts and offers for one game or the other. For instance, we have seen the company offer its popular Half-Life Series, although temporarily, for free earlier this year. So, the amount above reflects these kinds of offers and discounts available for the current period. Hence, it is the value after all the offers and discounts. And the actual value of the games catalog of Steam, that is without the current discounts, is $536,568.08.

There is also a chart, unlike its inspiration site, to show the fluctuation of the value of the games. You can view this chart month- or year-wise and also get the values of the time periods when you hover your mouse pointer over the chart.

Steam games buy chart

Now, as per the creator, another similar site, “” inspired him to create this site. However, unlike that website which hasn’t been updated since 2014, Wang’s creation fetches data from Steam daily and updates the value accordingly.

You can go here to check out the website and find out how much you have to pay for all the games on Steam.

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