Hardware Hacker Adds Wireless Charging to His Over-Ear Headset Manually

Hardware hacker adds wireless charging to headset manually

While TWS earbuds with smaller form factors like the second-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro devices come with wireless charging support, the bigger over-ear headsets do not usually support wireless charging. Even the $550 AirPods Max does not charge wirelessly. So, after getting an over-ear Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset, Taylor Burley found it inconvenient to plug in his headphone every time he needed to charge it. Citing his own needs, Burley added wireless charging support to his headphones himself.

The YouTuber shared a video of his journey of adding wireless charging support to his headset recently. And the best thing is that the project is not limited to his Turtle headphones. Even you can add wireless charging support to your over-ear headset if you follow the instructions in Burley’s video and have the necessary expertise.

The hardware hacker used a local over-the-counter wireless charging transmitter and receiver pair to add the wireless charging support. He 3D printed a custom mount, on which he can hang the headphones, to attach the transmitter. As for the receiver, Burley simply glued it to the top of the headset. Then he placed a 3D-printed plate over the receiver, although you can use some electrical tape if you do not possess a 3D printer.

After placing the components in their respective positions, Taylor took a wire, which was connected to the wireless charging coil, and ran it down the side of his headset into one of its earcups. He then soldered the wire-ends to the 5-volt charging nodes of the headsets’ printed circuit board (PCB).

So now, Burley does not have to plug in his Turtle Recon 200 headset to a USB cable for charging anymore. He simply rests the headphones on his custom-made mount and it starts wirelessly charging instantly.

You can check out the 5-minute video showing the entire process of adding wireless charging support to his headset right below.

Featured Image Courtesy: Taylor Burley (YouTube/ Solderking)

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