Hardcore Mode Is Coming to Minecraft Bedrock

Player in hardcore mode in a plains biome
In Short
  • Hardcore mode is a challenging and fun experience currently available on the Minecraft Java edition only.
  • Minecraft developer has announced that Mojang is working on the hardcore mode worlds for the Bedrock edition and is fixing bugs.
  • Some hardcore mode code and hints may appear in the next preview, but we don't know for sure when hardcore will come to Bedrock.

Players have for the longest time been asking for hardcore mode on Bedrock edition, so they too can enjoy and experience the same challenge as Java players on mobile, PS, Xbox, and Switch. However, it has been absent since the beginning. But, as per recent leaks, you won’t need to wait much longer, as hardcore mode seems to be coming to Minecraft Bedrock edition soon. So, if you are excited, let’s look at the leak.

Minecraft Bedrock Hardcore Mode Leaks

If you didn’t know, Mojang and Minecraft content creators are secretly in touch through a private Discord. This is because developers want to inform content creators first of anything major being added to the game. This is exactly the case for the Minecraft Bedrock hardcore mode news.

One developer made a post letting everyone know of the amazing changes and additions made in Snapshot 24w09a on Java edition, which is coming out today on the Bedrock edition. In addition, they also mentioned that Mojang “recently began work” on hardcore mode for Bedrock. You can check out the complete statement in the message below.

Post made by a Minecraft developer letting people know Mojang is working on hardcore mode worlds for Bedrock edition
Image Courtesy: YouTube/ECKOSOLDIER

Currently, as mentioned above, the developer is in the bug-fixing stage and wants to make it as close to the Java hardcore mode as possible. The reason why they announced it now is because some of the unimplemented hardcore code or hints will be present in the next preview and people may get confused about it. So, to avoid the situation with the spectator mode in the past, Mojang has decided to make an announcement right away.

But, why did hardcore mode take such a long time to come to Bedrock? It’s probably due to all the random bugs related to players dying for no reason. Imagine playing hardcore mode, and you just randomly die while pillaring upwards. Now that wouldn’t be a great experience, right? Minecraft developers are working on eliminating such bugs as quickly as possible.

When will we finally see hardcore mode on the Minecraft Bedrock edition, you ask? We don’t know for sure, but it is coming and I could not be more excited. What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comments below!

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