GTA 6 Trailer Recreated in Real Life Has Amazed Us

GTA 6 trailer vs real life
Image Courtesy: Andrew Levitt, Rockstar Games
In Short
  • The GTA 6 trailer, one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, has been recreated yet again.
  • This time, the video comes from YouTuber Andrew Levitt and features an accurate shot-by-shot recreation of the original game trailer.
  • This recreation includes everything from the protagonists Jason and Lucia to the real-life Vice City locations, along with famous cameos such as the Florida Joker.

Ever since the GTA 6 trailer was released, gamers worldwide have been heavily excited about it. The true fans among you have even spent countless hours trying to recreate the trailer in various ways. However, it turns out one YouTuber went a step further and recreated the trailer in real life. Given the extreme accuracy and attention to detail, the trailer looks amazing!

The video comes from the YouTuber Andrew Levitt, who has remade the GTA 6 in an amazing shot-for-shot style. The original GTA 6 had 46 individual shots, whereas 8 shots were based on real-life footage. Considering that, the YouTuber created 38 individual shots to match the original trailer frame-by-frame. For those curious, here is the recreated trailer of GTA 6 in real life:

In this trailer, we see the protagonists, Jason and Lucia, being played by real people who look quite spot-on. Besides that, however, the trailer shows real-life locations also shown in the original trailer, including all the Vice City locations. Other weird celebrities also make an appearance, including the Florida Joker, Hammer Lady, and the alligator in the pool, along with many more. Yes, the trailer features the same iconic Love Is a Long Road song by Tom Petty.

However, this isn’t the first time the YouTuber has recreated game trailers. Andrew has already recreated earlier Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 videos in real life. According to one of his videos, Levitt wanted to recreate the GTA 6 trailer to smash Mr.Beast’s view record. Although the trailer is not exactly the same, this is definitely one of the best-recreated trailers by far.

GTA 6 will be released in 2025, and these fan-made videos create more excitement for the long-awaited game. We recently saw the Rockstar website add a new videos page for GTA 6, which might hint at a new trailer coming around the corner. In that case, more remakes are guaranteed.

What do you think of this recreated version of the GTA 6 trailer? Do you think it is being recreated too many times? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE Andrew Levitt/ YouTube
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