GTA 5 Source Code Leaked Online; Confirms 8 Scrapped DLCs

GTA 5 leaks, Bully 2 leaks
In Short
  • The entire GTA 5 source code has surfaced online and contains the old map from development days.
  • The source code reveals that Rockstar Games scrapped eight DLCs for GTA 5 along with mentions of Bully 2.
  • A code snippet from GTA 6 also got leaked, along with the Project Americas codename for the upcoming game.

Rockstar Games, unfortunately, cannot catch a break as they’ve been slammed with another set of new leaks. And the leaks are equally damaging as the previous one, as the entire GTA 5 source code has been made public online. It has revealed the company’s expected plans for GTA 5. Additionally, leaks for a few canceled games from fan-beloved series also crept up alongside the source code.

GTA 5 Source Code Leaked Online

Several Rockstar Games-focused X accounts (formerly Twitter) started amplifying the news of the source code leaking online, including YouTube creator SKizzle. He first shared a tweet confirming the GTA 5 source code leak.

The YouTuber shared a picture of the source code, confirming his claims. The source code contains sensitive game file information, including early GTA 5 maps, scripts, and sadly, some amazing but scrapped content.

The source code includes mentions of Project Americas in the game files, which basically confirms the codename for GTA 6. Additionally, a code snippet from GTA 6 has surfaced online. While we won’t leak the screenshot, the picture includes a code snippet from the upcoming title that recently revealed in their new trailer.

While Rockstar Games hasn’t made any statement, many users already have access to what seems to be the source code for GTA 5. The game is still one of the most-played titles, with GTA Online seeing many new players sign up everyday.

Seeing that the source code has been released online, we can expect a rampant increase in cheater counts. Online games have always had cheating problems, and this might worsen the situation. On the flip side, we might get some cool mods for GTA 5, so only time will tell the after-effects of this leak.

Rockstar Scrapped Eight GTA 5 DLCs

One of the bigger takeaways from the GTA 5 source code leak is the fact that there were planned DLCs for the game. Just as GTA 4 received standalone DLCs named Episodes from Liberty City, its successor also would’ve gotten some DLCs. And not one, but eight planned DLCs, if we go by the file names named in the source code below:

  • SP Assassination Pack
  • SP Manhunt Pack
  • SP Norman Pack
  • Agent Trevor
  • Relationship Pack
  • Enterprise Pack
  • Prologue DLC
  • LibertyV DLC

Judging by the names, these DLCs would’ve explored the various storylines in the GTA 5 universe across different locations. We might’ve traveled back to a portion of Liberty City and set up some business, or Trevor might’ve taken the mantle of a secret agent.

The Prologue DLC might have fleshed out the Ludendorff Bank Heist from the beginning hours of GTA 5. However, none of these DLCs saw the light of day when Rockstar Games canceled them to focus their resources on GTA Online and other projects.

Source Code Confirms Existence of Bully 2

Another thing that has shown up online is the existence of Bully 2. For years, fans have speculated whether Rockstar Games worked on the sequel to the open-world action-adventure title Bully. The game is one of the fan-favorite series and never saw any love from the company. The closest we’ve gotten is a port for the game on PS4 and backward compatibility on Xbox.

However, this new leak confirms that Bully 2 was in development at some point. X user Budzz0 has shared a screenshot of a file with the sequel’s name. While this doesn’t confirm anything, Rockstar might’ve tried creating a sequel at some point. However, because of GTA 6, they might’ve dropped the sequel.

It’s saddening to see Rockstar Games going through so many leaks for the past few years. While this isn’t as substantial as the GTA 6 leaks from last year or the trailer leak this month, this can still have some serious after-effects. On the flip side, this leak further confirms that game development is an ever-changing process where things get scrapped quickly based on priority. The canceled DLCs are proof of that. Only time will tell what happens.

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