Google is Planning to Test New 6GHz Network Across the US

Google testing 6Ghz network feat.

While 5G for mobile is still is in its early stages and gradually rolling out in countries, Google has been reportedly working on improving our Wi-Fi with a new 6Ghz network. According to recent FCC filings, Google is planning to test out the new high-speed internet network in multiple states across the US for a period of 24 months.

We all know by now that Google is a company that always tries to be ahead of its time. So, to bring faster internet speeds to consumers, Google is setting up a trial for the new 6Ghz network in several states like Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, New York, California, and more.

The initial approach is to “conduct radio experiments in and near the 6GHz bands (5650 MHz – 7125 MHz)” installed in some of the cities of the above states. Although the company is aiming to test out the network in only two or three cities in most of the states, it plans to trial the network in around seven cities in its home state of California including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“Google proposes to conduct experimental propagation testing in the 6GHz band to produce technical information relevant to the utility of these frequencies for providing reliable broadband connections,” the Mountain View-based tech giant wrote about the topic. 

This new network will reportedly double up the current Wi-Fi speeds and deliver more reliable connections than current-gen networks. However, do not expect to invade the market right away. The company is just starting to work on the said technology. So, it has requested the US government to grant permission to carry out the trials for 24 months.

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