Chrome for mac icon feat 2

Google Wants You to Choose the Next Chrome for Mac Icon on macOS Big Sur

Chrome for mac icon feat 2

Apart from improving Chrome for Windows, Google is also working on optimizing its browser for the new macOS Big Sur update. The Mountain View-based giant recently introduced a new Chrome for Mac icon for the latest Mac update. However, according to the chief designer of Chrome, the team has been working on a few more macOS Big Sur-themed icons for the browser. So, the team now needs your help to choose one of the options.

The current designer of the Google browser, Elvin (@elvin_not_11/Twitter), recently shared a tweet asking netizens which icon looks worthy enough to become the official one for future Chrome versions running on Macs. You can check out the tweet and the options right below.

So, as you can see, there are three icon-options to choose from. Option A looks much flatter than the other two, while option C got the most appreciation from Twitter users for its vibrant look and shading textures. Option B is somewhere between the two. However, the bigger blue circle in option C looks much more elegant, in my personal opinion.

In one of the comments, the designer also mentioned that they recently tried an icon that “strictly follows Apple’s icon grid”. Following the test, they noticed that “the Chrome logo looked too big”. So, they shrunk the logo in the current icon that they released recently.

However, according to Elvin, even though the current Chrome for Mac icon is visually-balanced, there just might be a little more room for adjustments. So, if you are running Chrome on your Mac, then be ready for some icon changes in the coming days.

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