Have you ever wanted to create your own masterpiece but lacked the necessary skills to do so? Well, worry not. GASP Gallery has got you covered. GASP Gallery is an innovative startup that lets you design your own artworks and get them printed.

You must be wondering how you could possibly design art on your own when you have no idea about how to use sophisticated modern design tools. That is where GASP Gallery comes in the picture. The website offers you a variety of styles to choose from which you can customize to your preference.

Once you’ve chosen a style, you will be provided with a lot of customization features to make the art look unique and you can tweak the art to look exactly how you want. Some of the customization options are color, weight, smoothness, and turbulence. Also, customization options differ based on the style you’ve picked for generating the art.

From my brief period of trying out different tweaks, I generated a piece of art that you can see below. I don’t consider myself as a person who has an elite taste in art but this looks quite decent to me. Share what you think of it in the comments.

The prints are done by Giclee on 100% cotton paper. The art will have the original artist’s signature on the bottom right and a hash value representing the art’s uniqueness on the bottom left margin. It is worth noting that the prints are unframed and you will have to frame it by yourself.

You can print your art in 7 sizes. The 8″x8″ version costs $40, 8″x10″ version costs $45, 12″x12″ version costs $60, 16″x16″ version costs $85, 16″x20″ version costs $95, 20″x20″ version costs $130, and 24″x24″ sized version costs $165. Shipping will be done for free to Continental USA in 10-15 days.

So, what do you think of GASP Galley? Tell us in the comments.

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