15 Free Handy e-Books to Learn Javascript Quickly

Javascript is one of most popular programming language in today’s web development. More or less, 92% sites on the web are using Javascript. It shows how this lightweight, powerful and easy to use language is dominating the web.

Javascript is a client-side language, which mean you don’t need any special setup, libraries and tools to able to use it on your web projects, which makes it easy for you to learn Javascript. In this post, we have gathered you a list of some e-book to learn Javascript. Whether you are a beginner (assuming you already know HTML & CSS) or a senior programmer who have spent years with the web, they will be your handy reading list.

Downloadable e-Books

1. Eloquent Javascript


Author: Marijn Haverbeke
Level: Beginner
Pages: 490
Download Info: No Registration

This ebook is very useful for anyone who has never touched Javascript before. It is intended for beginners who wants to learn Javascript programming from the very basic. It covers many Javascript subject including basic programming, errors handling, regex (regular expression), DOM and some challenging projects.

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2. Javascript For Cats


Author: Max Ogden
Level: Beginner
Pages: 17
Download Info: PDF Available on GitHub

With book’s creative title, Max Ogden wants to persuade you that learning Javascript is not that hard. Even the cats can learn it, as of his illustration. This 17 pages book will teach you some of the very basic concepts about Javascript in no time.

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3. Thinking in Javascript

Thinking in JavaScript

Author: Aravind Shenoy
Level: Beginner
Pages: 31
Download Info: Registration Required

If you hate that preface, introduction and all other thing alike then you’ll love this book. It starts right away with the code, nice explanation and also some screenshots. Its light content, which has 31 pages only, won’t take a lot of your time learning Javascript without removing all the important parts.

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4. Modern Web Essentials Using JavaScript and HTML5

Modern Web Essentials Using JavaScript and HTML5

Author: David Pitt
Level: Beginner
Pages: 49
Download Info: Registration Required

This David Pitt book consist of three sections: Javascript, HTML5 and responsive design principles. Each section of the book explains major components of the three subjects. This book is aimed for those who wants to create an effective Single Page Application (SPA).

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5. Javascript Succinctly


Author: Cody Lindley
Level: Intermediate
Pages: 143
Download Info: Registration Required

In this book you’ll learn about 16 different subjects of Javascript. Starting from the object, data type, function and more. Every subject is explained well with some sample code and illustration. You’ll be reviewed at the end of the book of what you have learned from the book.

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6. Javascript Enlightenment


Author: Cody Lindley
Level: Intermediate
Pages: 141
Download Info: No Registration

This is another Cody Lindley Javascript book. In this book he focuses on complex values, primitive values, scope, inheritance, the head object, etc. With this book, he has a goal to make Javascript libraries user into a real Javascript programmer. If you are a beginner, it is advised not to read this book in the first place.

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7. Javascript in Ten Minutes


Author: Spencer Tipping
Level: Advanced
Pages: 27
Download Info: PDF Available on GitHub

Don’t believe the title because it’s a bit hyped. If you want to read this book, make sure you already have some basic knowledge about Javascript. In this book, you will be given a quick intro to some Javascript advanced features including variadic behaviour, lazy scooping, iterators and much more.

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8. Building A Javascript Framework

This is not the official cover book

Author: Alex R. Young
Level: Advanced
Pages: 81
Download Info: No Registration

This book actually is the ebook edition of Let’s Make a Framework post series written by Alex R. Young. If you want to advance your Javascript skill, then this book is a good place to start with. Here, you’ll be guided on how to create a good Javascript framework with fundamental parts of modern Javascript in mind.

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Read Online For Free (Pay For PDF Version)

1. You Don’t Know JS (Series)


Author: Kyle Simpson
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Reading Estimation: N/A
PDF Version: $15.99 – $21.99

This Javascript series was made for beginners to advanced level users, who seek a to learn and deeply understand everything about Javascript. Each series bring you a very explainable material on every Javascript subject. You’ll be explained as detail as possible on how things work behind the browser instead of stopping at ‘Yeah, it works!’.

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2. Speaking Javascript


Author: Axel Rauschmayer
Level: Beginner
Reading Estimation: N/A
PDF Version: $42.99

This is a complete Javascript book with many material discussed inside. It has a very nice language that makes you read it like a novel. Generally, this book consist of four main topics: a quick start about javascript, javascript background, an in depth javascript discussion and useful tips, tools and libraries resources.

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3. Javascript Design Patterns


Author: Addy Osmani
Level: Beginner
Reading Estimation: 341 Minutes
PDF Version: $33.99

Addy Osmani, one of Google Chrome engineer, had written a book on how a design pattern can be applied to Javascript. This book covers Javascript design patterns, MV* patterns, Modern Modular patterns to design pattern in jQuery. After reading this book, you are supposed to be able to write beautiful, structured and organized code.

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4. Human Javascript


Author: Henrik Joreteg
Level: Beginner
Reading Estimation: N/A
PDF Version: $39

With its clean, easy to navigate and readable content, this book will help you build native and powerful HTML5 apps. There are many tips you can get from this book and of course some of the basic Javascript material. There are also some video tutorials for more convenient learning.

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5. Programming Javascript Application


Author: Eric Elliot
Level: Intermediate
Reading Estimation: N/A
PDF Version: $31.99

This book is not written for beginners, rather it is for an at least one year experienced Javascript programmer. It will give you a deeper understanding of what differentiates Javascript from other languages like its closures, functional programming, and prototypal inheritance.

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6. Javascript Allongé


Author: Reginald Braithwaite
Level: Intermediate
Reading Estimation: 467 Minutes
PDF Version: $33.47

Inspired from Café Allongé, Reginald Braithwaite wrote a book with a very rich Javascript’s subtleties to attract Javascript enthusiasts everywhere. In this book, you’ll be guided to use efficient functions with many tips from writing simpler, cleaner, and less complicated application to complex code handling and much more.

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7. Javascript Garden


Author: Ivo Wetzel (Writing), Zhang Yi Jiang (Design), Tim Ruffles (Maintainer)
Level: Advance
Reading Estimation: 55 Minutes
PDF Version: Not Available

If you happen to read this ebook and want to learn about Javascript, then you’ve come to the wrong place. As this book will not teach you anything about it, rather it is a good documentation to avoid common mistakes and subtle bugs, as well as performance issues and bad practices you may encounter when developing with Javascript.

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The list above is just some of the Javascript ebooks available on the web. If you happen to find that all of the books mentioned above are not suitable with your learning method and Javascript skill, then Google will be your best place to go. And we will be glad to hear what’s your favourite book in the comments below. Happy learning!

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