Fire Force Season 3 Announced After a Wait of Four Years

A scene from Fire Force
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In Short
  • Fire Force Season 3 was announced during the Crunchyroll panel at Anime Expo 2024.
  • Fire Force Season will mark the end of the series. It will be a two cour season that will be released in April 2025 and January 2026.
  • The Season 3 announcement was accompanied by a key visual and a short trailer focusing on Shinra.

Based on the manga series by Atsushi Ohkubo, Fire Force premiered its first season in 2019, and the second season arrived soon after in 2020. Since then, fans have been desperately waiting for Season 3 and, fortunately, news about the anticipated installment is finally here.

Fire Force Season 3 Gets Release Window

Crunchyroll’s panel at Anime Expo 2024 brought several huge announcements (psst..Omniscient Reader anime), one of which was Fire Force Season 3. After four long years, we learned that the third season of Fire Force will be the end of the road. However, it will not be a brief season, as the creators announced this will be a split cour finale.

The first cour will arrive sometime in April 2025, and the second one will be released in January 2026. However, an exact release date is yet to be announced.

The announcement was accompanied by a brand-new key visual and a teaser trailer that gave us a glimpse of the anime’s events so far. Although the trailer was mostly a recap, it still featured some upcoming events. Furthermore, the poster features Shinra looking towards a hideous creature with a massive eye resembling a moon.

What Is Fire Force All About?

The story of Fire Force takes place in Tokyo in the year 198 of the Solar Era. A phenomenon known as Spontaneous Human Combustion threatens the existence of human beings. Several humans burst into flames and become infernals, weird, fiery monsters.

At the same time, some individuals develop pyrokinetic abilities. Fire Force, an organization created to fight infernals, recruits these unique individuals with fire abilities.

The story centers around a boy named Shinra, wrongly believed to be a monster who killed his parents. He joins the Fire Force to fight against the infernals and uncover the mystery surrounding this phenomenon to clear his name. The anime features several interesting characters and amazing action sequences that will make you wonder why more people aren’t talking about this series.

So, are you excited to finally learn that Fire Force Season 3 is happening? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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