Facebook to Launch Smartwatch with Health and Fitness Features Next Year: Report

Facebook developing a smartwatch for 2022

Citing the potential business-boom of smart wearables in the market, Facebook is now reportedly developing a smartwatch for its growing hardware line. After the report of the company developing a Clubhouse clone, a report by The Information (paywalled) suggests that the Facebook smartwatch will be an Android-based wearable and will be packing various health-focused features.

The upcoming device from Facebook, according to the report, will have messaging features as well as fitness and health-focused modes. The device will be unveiled as part of the social media giant’s hardware line which includes Oculus headsets and Portal devices.

Now, although the report says that the watch would be Android-based, there are no mentions of whether it will run on Google’s WearOS or not. Facebook, however, is reportedly developing an in-house operating system for its hardware devices. So, it is highly likely that the Facebook smartwatch might run the said OS rather than Google’s version of the software.

Moreover, the Menlo Park-based giant acquired a neural interface company dubbed CTRL-Labs, which develops wireless input components, back in 2019. The company also makes devices that can reportedly let users control devices using electrical signals from their brain without the need for a touch screen or physical buttons. So, Facebook might use these components to develop its future hardware devices including the rumored smartwatch.

Coming to the price and the availability of the said device, unfortunately, there are no mentions of them in the report. However, it is speculated that Facebook will launch the device sometime next year.

VIA The Verge
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  • Nero says:

    Nice smartwatch launch by fakebook. Best Budget Fitness Tracker

  • Rahul Raj says:

    People who know about facebook’s “If a service is free, you are the product” truth, will never go for such a watch.
    If you care about privacy, you should steer far from this watch

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