Facebook acquires Beat Games, studio behind Beat Saber

Facebook Acquires ‘Beat Games’, the VR Studio Behind Beat Saber

Facebook acquires Beat Games, studio behind Beat Saber

Facebook’s increased focus on virtual reality has seen Oculus grow beyond the confines of the headset to a full-fledged platform. It now even has a virtual gathering space for users. But, there’s still a lack of some cool modern VR games, except for a few one-hit wonders. Now, Facebook appears to have decided to take matters in its own hands and acquired a video game development studio called Beat Games, which is best known for virtual reality game, Beat Saber.

In an official blog post, Mike Verdu, the Director of Content at Facebook-owned VR firm, Oculus, said that the newly-acquired company will operate as an independent studio focused on creating innovative VR experiences. Financial terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed officially, but we’re hoping to get some info on that in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Verdu further said that nothing will change for Beat Saber post-acquisition and, the game will continue to be supported on all platforms. He also revealed that the company has big things planned for the game, including integration with Facebook and the addition of “social features, new modes, music, and more”. While Facebook poking its nose in their VR game may not be everybody’s cup of tea, looks like you’ll have to live with it now that it’s owned by the social media giant.

In case you don’t know it already, Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game where players have to slice colored blocks representing musical beats with a pair of red and blue lightsabers. Beat Games has also partnered with artists like Imagine Dragons and Panic at the Disco to bring paid DLC content to the game.

Believed to be one of the most popular virtual reality titles, Beat Saber is available on a number of platforms, including PlayStation 4, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows PCs, and the HTC Vive. It is also available on Oculus’ own Rift and Quest VR headsets.

Featured Image Courtesy: Beat Games

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