How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

Don’t take me wrong, Google Chrome is one of the best browsers right now, but the new Chromium build of Microsoft Edge and Firefox Quantum are pretty tempting. If you are a long time user of Chrome, this is a good time to test out the new browsers as the browser war has never been this close before. The good thing is that modern browsers have great cross-browser compatibility so you can easily export bookmarks and settings across browsers without a hitch. This does make it easier to switch browsers. In this article, I have included all the information you need to export Chrome bookmarks to other popular browsers. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Export Chrome Bookmarks (2020)

There are two ways to export Chrome bookmarks. First, you can export the bookmarks in an HTML file which can be imported to other browsers manually. The other option is to directly sync the bookmarks to another installed browsers on your PC. In this section, we will show you both the ways so that you can choose accordingly.

  • Steps to Export Chrome Bookmarks

1. Click on the 3-dot menu on the top-right corner and click on Bookmarks. It will expand to a new menu, here click on “Bookmark manager”.

2. Now click on the 3-dot menu on the right corner, just below Chrome’s menu. Here, click on “Export bookmarks”.

3. It will open a ‘Save As’ dialog box as to where you want to export the bookmarks. Just choose your preferred location on your PC and click on the “Save” button.

4. Chrome bookmarks will be finally exported in an HTML file. Now you can import it to any browser you want.

Sync Chrome Bookmarks Directly to Other Browsers

In case you have already installed a browser on your PC, you can easily sync the bookmarks without exporting and importing the bookmarks manually. Here is how it’s done.

1. Open Chrome’s 3-dot menu and click on Bookmarks. From the expanded menu, click on “Import bookmarks and settings”.

2. It will open a new page with a browser pre-selected. If you want to change the browser, click on the drop-down menu and choose your preferred browser. Finally, click on the “Import” button to sync all your Chrome bookmarks to the chosen browser.

3. You are done. In this case, the bookmarks have been perfectly synced with Microsoft Edge in just a few clicks.

Import Chrome Bookmarks to Microsoft Edge

Sometimes direct syncing does not work well because of various technical errors. So if you want to manually import Chrome bookmarks to Microsoft Edge, follow these steps. We will also show how you can import bookmarks on Chromium build of Microsoft Edge.

1. Open Microsoft Edge and press CTRL+I shortcut key to open Bookmarks/Favorites pane. Here, click on “Import from another browser”.

2. After that, click on “Import from file”.

3. Now select the Chrome’s bookmark file which was exported in HTML format and click on the “Open” button.

4. All the Chrome bookmarks will be instantly imported to Microsoft Edge.

  • Import Bookmarks in Chromium Build of Microsoft Edge

1. Open Microsoft Edge and press CTRL+Shift+O. It will open the Favorites page, here click on “Import Favorites” on the bottom-left corner.

2. Click on the drop-down menu and choose “Favorites/Bookmarks HTML file”. After that, click on the “Choose file” button and select the HTML bookmark file.

3. Finally, click on the “Done” button.

4. All your Chrome bookmarks will show up in Microsoft Edge without any issue.

  • Import Chrome Bookmarks to Mobile version of Microsoft Edge

There is no manual way to import bookmarks from Chrome to mobile version of Edge. However, you can sign in with your Microsoft account both on the desktop and mobile version of Edge to sync all the bookmark between desktop and mobile device. This way you will have all the Chrome bookmarks on your mobile device without messing around with bookmark files.

Import Chrome Bookmarks to Safari

1. Open Safari and click on the “File” menu. After that, click on “Import From” and open “Bookmarks HTML File”.

2. Now select the exported bookmark file and click on the “Import” button.

3. All the bookmarks will be successfully imported to Safari.

  • Import Chrome Bookmarks to Safari Mobile Browser

Similar to Microsoft Edge, you can’t directly import bookmarks on Safari mobile browser. You need to sign in with your Apple ID on your Mac and iPhone/iPad. iCloud will sync all the changes in Safari and then you can access the exported bookmarks on your mobile device.

Import Chrome Bookmarks to Firefox

1. Open Firefox browser and press CTRL+SHIFT+B to open Bookmark Manager. Here, click on “Import and Backup” and open “Import Bookmarks from HTML”.

2. Thereafter, choose the bookmark HTML file and click on the “Open” button. Now, close the window.

3. All the Chrome bookmarks will show up in Mozilla’s toolbar.

  • Import Chrome Bookmarks to Firefox Mobile Browser

To have Chrome bookmarks on Firefox mobile browser, create a Firefox account. After that, sign into Firefox browser both on desktop and mobile. Once the sync is complete, you will see all the Chrome exported bookmarks on your Firefox mobile browser.

Import Chrome Bookmarks to Opera

1. Open Opera browser and click on the settings icon on top-right corner. Scroll to the bottom and you would find “Import bookmarks and settings” button. Click on it.

2. After that, open the drop-down menu and choose “Bookmarks HTML file”. Further, click on the “Choose file” button.

3. Now select the Chrome bookmark file that you exported earlier and click on the “Done” button.

4. All the Chrome bookmarks will be exported to Opera now.

  • Import Chrome Bookmarks to Opera Mobile Browser

Similar to other browsers, you can’t import Chrome bookmarks on your mobile browser directly. All you have to do is create an Opera account and log in to Opera browser on both desktop and mobile. The bookmarks will sync with your Opera account and in turn, you will be able to access all the bookmarks on your Opera mobile browser.

Export Chrome Bookmarks and Enjoy Seamless Transition Across Browsers

While Google Chrome is the undisputed king of all the browsers, lately Microsoft and several other companies have upped their game in the browser space. If you are someone who is moving from Chrome, well, it’s a good time to export Chrome bookmarks and settings so that you have a seamless transition to another browser. My recommendation would be Microsoft Edge based on Chromium. It looks slick and performs quite well. Anyway, if you liked the article or want to share your thoughts with us, you can comment down below with your valuable inputs.

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  • Would like to export Chrome bookmarks. However, when I hit the 3 dot menu I get an entirely different menu – No option to sort or to export; just options to delete, cut, copy or open all bookmarks. What am I missing. I am running latest Chrome according to Google.

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