Elden Ring Colosseum: Learn All About the PvP Experience

After much waiting, Elden Ring finally received its first DLC content called Colosseum. The new update not only opened the gates for the large derelict structures inaccessible on the map but also brought dedicated PvP matchmaking options. However, to access the structures and the game mode, there are some necessary steps that you need to fulfill. This article includes all the essentials you should know before opening the grand doors to the Colosseum in Elden Ring.

The Colosseum update for Elden Ring is the first official “DLC” for the open-world action RPG. While many claim that the first DLC is a big update, the publisher and developer think otherwise. It adds more options for players to perform PvP competitively and some new PvP modes. Let’s dive deep into this significant addition – The Majestic Colosseums.

What is the Colosseum in Elden Ring?

During the launch of Elden Ring, the Colosseums were these large, majestic amphitheaters in three locations on the maps – The Limgrave, Leyndell, and Caelid. It was implied in the game that the inhabitants used the Colosseums to perform combat rituals in the world of Elden Ring, much like the real-world gladiatorial fights from ancient Rome.

This was done to honor the Erdtree. However, by the time Radagon became the Elden Lord, or the player’s journey started, this practice was discarded with the remains of the giant amphitheaters lying dormant and inaccessible to everyone. This information is found in the item description for Ritual Sword Talisman, found after defeating Demi-Human Queen Gilika:

The Colosseum PvP (Image Courtesy: Bandai Namco)

A talisman patterned after swords used in ritual combat held to honor the Erdtree. The practice had died out by the age of King Consort Radagon, but remains of the arenas where ritual combat took place can still be found in every land.

Item Description of Ritual Sword Talisman

While the three Colosseums across the map stood gloriously, players were restricted from accessing them. Over the months, many data miners started poking around to check whether the developers left these structures to make them accessible. More information started coming from these, which further affirmed that these structures might open up sometime down the line, which they did. Accessing the Colosseum is pretty simple, as players need to walk up to them and open their gates by interacting with it.

Do I Require PvP Items to Join Colosseum Battles?

PvP mode in Elden Ring requires users to activate the Effigies of Martyr around the map, which opens up a particular map region for multiplayer. Then, players need to use specific PvP items, such as Furlfinger Calling Remedy, to use the multiplayer and either prepare themselves to let others come to their aid or invade them.

For the Colosseums, players do not need the multiplayer items. Instead, after entering the structure, players interact with an offering slab that opens up the matchmaking options. From here, they can further decide on the nature of PvP matches, as the three colosseums allow a different multiplayer experience.

PvP Modes in Elden Ring Colosseums

The PvP modes in the Colosseums are classified into three different kinds of experience.

1. Duel Mode

In this game mode, two different players duel against each other for 180 seconds or until a player goes down. Duel mode has only one round, and the player, once dead, cannot respawn. It plays much like the PvP available throughout the game.

Furthermore, players cannot use Flask of Crimson Tear to heal themselves or the best Ashes of War to assist them. Flask of Cerulean Tear usage is allowed, though in a limited quantity.

A Combat Ordeal Match Between Two Players

2. United Combat

In united combat, players get divided into teams of either two, four, or six players and duke it out. The battles are limited to 300 seconds, and the team which gets the most eliminations wins. Furthermore, united combat allows respawns and limited usage of Flask of Crimson and Cerulean Tears per respawn.

3. Combat Ordeal

The third and final game mode is an all-out battle between six players fending for themselves. The combat ordeal fights continue for 300 seconds and the player with the most eliminations wins. Like united combat, combat ordeal will respawn players upon death and allows limited usage of Flask of Crimson and Cerulean Tears per respawn.

Depending on the kind of matchmaking player wants to experience, they need to venture out to that particular Colosseum by selecting the nearest site of grace, as none of the three areas provide one inside the Colosseum entrance.

All Colosseum Locations in Elden Ring

For players, three Colosseums await them to partake in player vs player combat multiplayer. Players must venture to specific portions of the map to find these respective Colosseums.

1. West Limgrave Colosseum

The Limgrave Colosseum location
  • Location: The first colosseum of the game is located northwest of the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave.
  • PvP Modes: Combat Ordeals and United Combat
  • Number of Combatants: Two, Four, and Six players

The first one is situated on the West Limgrave, the starting region of the map. Found on the east of Stormville castle. To reach it, players need to take a road northwest of the Warmaster’s Shack, which is found by taking the road behind the Stormhill Shack site of grace.

Limgrave Colosseum

Warmaster’s Shack also has a site of grace for players to activate and prepare themselves. Chronologically, the West Limgrave Colosseum in Elden Ring is the first one you will discover and has certain restrictions in place as it does not allow the use of Ashes of War during combat. The players can try united combat, a team-based battle splitting into teams of two, four, or six players, and combat ordeal.

2. Caelid Colosseum

The Caelid Colosseum Location
  • Location: The second Colosseum of the game is located west of the Deep Siorfa Well lift, sitting at the edge of the area.
  • PvP Modes: Combat Ordeal, United Combat, and Duel
  • Number of Combatants: Two, Four, and Six Players

The second one is located in the Caelid area of Elden Ring, near the Dragonblight region. Reaching this place requires players to venture through the Siorfa River underground area, where a lift takes them above ground.

The Caelid Colosseum

Players can then activate the Deep Siorfa Well site of grace and start following the road westward until they reach an open area where a great jar sits comfortably outside, blocking the view of the entrance. The Caelid Colosseum is a high-level area, with the road guarded by two archer golems. Hence, appropriately prepare before going to this area.

The Caelid Colosseum allows Ash of War usage, letting players bring their favorite ones. For the matches, it allows duel, which is the 1v1 traditional PvP matches of the game, united combat, which is team-based battles of two, four, and six players, and combat ordeal, an all-out elimination tournament with time-limited respawns.

3. Leyndell Royal Colosseum

The Leyndell Royal Colosseum Location
  • Location: The third Colosseum is south of the West Capital Rampart site of Grace at Leyndell, situated in the Altus Plateau
  • PvP Modes: Duel-mode only
  • Number of Combatants: Two players

The third and final Colosseum in Elden Ring is the Leyndell Royal Colosseum, located at the royal capital of Leyndell at the Altus Plateau.

Players must spawn on the West Ramparts Site of Grace to reach it. From there, follow the path south along the main route. On the way, ignore the four enemies if needed, as they won’t attack the players unless aggravated.

Elden Ring Colosseum: Learn All About the PvP Experience
The Leyndell Royal Colosseum

Players will then get a winding dirt road, where two duelists patrol and guard the path to the entrance. Subdue them and keep following the road, reaching the gate of the Colosseum. The Leyndell Royal Colosseum is a duel combat-only area, allowing only 2 players to fight against each other. Like the Limgrave, players cannot use Ashes of War here.

Elden Ring Colosseum: Do You Get Any Rewards on Winning?

While Soulsborne games like Dark Souls and even Bloodborne give players an item for winning multiplayer battles, the Colosseum fight in Elden Ring does not have any rewards for winning the matches. The matches are solely for players and their friends to enjoy the PvP mode in case they do not want other players invading their story progression through the world.

Elden Ring Colosseum FAQs

Can we access the Colosseum PvP menu in any other way?

Yes. After opening the gates for any Colosseum in Elden Ring, players can go to the Roundtable hold, and a new Marika Effigy appears. Once interacted, players can go to the fireplace mantle in the room and interact with the Marika statue, which allows users to open and customize the options for any colosseums interacted so far. Not only that, players can start matchmaking from the same area after selecting their desired match type.

Can I call in my friends for Colosseum PvPs?

To call in a friend for Colosseum PvP, use a group password. Once inside the Colosseum PvP menu, the user must choose a password under the “Colosseum Password” option. Once set, share this password with your friend, and enter matchmaking. This will put both you and your friends into the match. Do remember that you and your friend need to search for a game from the same place, so if your friend goes and searches for a game in the Caelid Colosseum, he won’t match you.

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