Is Dragon’s Dogma 2 Locked at 30FPS on Console and PC?

In Short
  • According to the director, Hideaki Itsuno, Dragon's Dogma 2 has uncapped frame rates on all platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, PC).
  • This means the game will get more than 30FPS on different consoles, but it does not confirm how much the maximum limit is.
  • Itsuno further says there will be no variety in graphics modes, meaning you are stuck on the default graphics mode.

No matter which game comes out, a long-standing doubt every gamer has is whether it will be locked at 30 FPS. Besides all the Dragon’s Dogma 2 performance issues it’s facing, the game cannot escape that question either. So, are the players getting the highly anticipated RPG experience in uncapped frames? Or will Dragon’s Dogma 2 be another locked 30FPS experience? Read on to find out.

Director Confirms No FPS Lock on Dragon’s Dogma 2

In an X (formerly Twitter) post, Dragon’s Dogma 2 director Hideaki Itsuno confirmed that the game will come with the uncapped FPS feature. This means the game will not have locked 30FPS on any device. While it does not mean the game will always give more than 30, it is a sigh of relief for many players.

Although Capcom had never been an FPS capper, many expected this particular game to be at a 30 FPS lock. While that is confirmed not to be the case, we also learn that, unlike Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Dragon’s Dogma 2 will have only a default mode.

This means there is no performance or graphics mode in the game. In an interview with Wesley LeBlanc of Gameinformer, Itsuno further said:

“We’re aiming to go at around or higher than 30 FPS. That is for consoles as well. There are some functions that you can turn on and off, but there aren’t multiple sets of options that you can change at once [likely alluding to visual presets seen in the options of other games on consoles today]. But yeah, the frame rate will come uncapped for all consoles.”

Unfortunately, as seen already, this doesn’t mean the game will give you a flawless gameplay experience. Luckily, PC players can predict the gameplay performance depending on the system and compare it to Dragon’s Dogma 2 system requirements.

Regardless of the game’s ongoing performance issues, we are excited to explore Dragon’s Dogma 2’s world. What are your thoughts on uncapped FPS for the game on all platforms? Share it in the comments below.

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