Dragon’s Dogma 2 Caged Magistrate Quest Guide: How to Free Waldhar

In Short
  • First, reach the Vermouth Caste Gaol tower and unlock the prison door of the Caged Magister and talk with him.
  • Next, head to the Slums and start the Heel of History quest by talking to Kendrick. Finish the quest by finding the Vaults and Malcolm.
  • Finally, tell the Magister about the vaults and lead to the slums safely to finish the quest.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 barely does any hand-holding when it comes to quests. There are very few quest markers and some quests only give the bare minimum details and leave the rest up to the players to finish them. One such quest is the Caged Magistrate main quest, given by Brant in Vermouth. If you are also stuck on this quest, then here is a complete walkthrough guide on how to finish it.

1. Talk to the Magistrate in the Vermouth Castle Gaol Tower

The first thing you need to do after getting the quest from Brant is head to the Vermouth Castle Gaol Tower, inside the Royal Quarter. Now, you cannot head inside the Royal Quarter at night time, so make sure to sleep in the Inn and pass the time to morning.

In the Royal Quarter, find the guard standing outside the Vermouth Castle Gaol tower. He will inform you that the captain has told him to let you pass.

Unlock the Magistrates Prison Door Dragons Dogma 2
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti

Head inside the Gaol Tower and keep an eye out for the patrolling guards. At the bottom floor, you will find two guards patrolling with locked prison doors on both sides.

Wait for the guards to start moving the opposite way from where you entered and open the first prison door on the right, using the Gaol tower key (given by Brant). Inside the prison, you will find the Magistrate.

Urge the Magistrate to Escape
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti

Talk to the Magistrate, which will make him go into a long monologue. Select the “Urge the Magistrate to Escape” dialogue once it appears. The Magistrate will now tell you to seek for a place with tomes where he can study if they want him to escape. Leave the Prison and head to the Slums.

2. Head to the Slums and Talk To Kendrick

After you leave the Prison, you need to head to the Slums. There are two you can head to the slums, one is from the Vermouth Castle Gaol Tower, and another is from the path beside the Oracle.

The fastest route will be from the Gaol Tower as you are already inside it. Just head straight to the end of the passage after speaking to the Magistrate and unlock the caged door on the right. Head inside and you will find a winding staircase going down. Continue walking down the Staircase until you find another caged door. Unlock the final door and head straight to enter the Slums.

Talk to Kendrick and Give him food
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Another way to enter slums is by using the path next to the Oracle. Use the path next to her and you will find a staircase heading downwards. Continue down the path to enter the Slums.

At the center of the Slum, you will find Kendrick, an old man. Talk with Kendrick and give him food and money. After you do that, he will ask for your help.

3. Help Kendrick Find Malcolm

Kendrick will now ask your help to find a kid named Malcolm, who has gone missing for a while. To find Malcolm, first, you will need to talk to the three kids in the Slums.

The first kid, named Harvey, can be found walking around the center of the slums. The next kid, named Aimee, can be found inside the church. The third kid, named Rick, can be found beside the well near the cliff’s edge.

Talking to rick in slums
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After talking to the three kids, find Kendrick and give him the information you gathered. Kendrick will show you the path to the Vaults that Malcolm disappeared inside.

4. Find Malcolm Inside the Vaults

After Kendrick shows you the path inside the Vaults, head inside and keep going until you find a closed caged door. Head right from the door and you will find a big gap in the path. Simply sprint and jump to the other side. Keep going until you find Malcolm.

Jump Over Broken Path to Reach the Vaults
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti

Once you have found Malcolm, he will tell you that he found a place filled with books. Follow Malcolm to find the vaults. After you reach the Vaults, you will need to head back to the Magister.

5. Tell the Magister About the Vaults and Help Him Escape

Finally, head back to the Vermouth Castle Gaol tower and talk with the Magister using the same steps as mentioned above. Tell him about the Vaults, which will finally make him willing to escape. Now you will need to escort the Magister to the slums safely.

Tell the Magister about the Gracious hands Vaults
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti

This time, simply use the path inside the tower mentioned above. After you escort the Magister out to the Slums, the quest will be completed. So, that’s it. If you have any further questions, ask us in the comments and we will try to help you out.

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