Descript Podcast Studio Deepfakes Your Voice to Rectify Errors

descript podcast editor

If you’re in the podcast world, you might be aware of how difficult and time consuming it is to rectify an error you made during a recording. Well, not anymore. Meet Descript Podcast Studio, a brand-new podcast editor that will deepfake your voice to fix the errors you committed during the original recording session.

Dubbed “Overdub” (no pun intended), the feature allows you to type the words you would like to replace from the incorrect words present in the source audio. After you’re done inputting the correct word, the software will do its magic and will make the correction just like how you would have sounded. The feature is currently available in closed beta and will be available to everyone soon.

In order to prevent misuse, the feature will work only on your voice. “Rest assured, you can only use Overdub on your own voice. We built this feature to save you the tedium of re-recording/splicing time every time you make an editorial change, not as a way make deep fakes,” wrote Andrew Mason, the CEO of Descript, in a blog post.

You can also add music and sound effects, get more controls with a Timeline Editor, collaborate with multiple people real-time using Live Collaboration, and get benefitted with the transcription service with the editor. The transcription service, however, costs $1.25 per minute. A $14 monthly subscription can also be availed for unlimited transcription and more advanced features.

It feels good to finally see deepfakes being put to some constructive and productive applications rather than putting words in someone’s mouth who would have never imagined that to happen. So, what do you think of Descript Podcast Studio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Download Descript Podcast Studio (Windows, macOS)

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