Minecraft Decorated Pots Get a Massive Buff in the Latest Snapshot

Decorated pots interacting with different redstone components

To everyone’s positive surprise, the community has been heard, and Mojang is experimenting with and adding some hoped-for changes to Minecraft 1.20‘s decorated pots. These experimental features would be extraordinarily useful for the Redstone, as well as the map-making community of the game. So, without further ado, let’s go over all the changes made to decorated pots in Minecraft snapshot 23W41A.

Decorated Pot Changes in the Minecraft Snapshot 23W41A

  • Decorated pots now stack up to 64
  • Placing items inside decorated pots

Yeah, you read that right. You’ll be able to place up to 1 stack of an item in a decorated pot. They will make a cool little animation, as well as play an increasingly high note. When the pot is full, it will rotate in the opposite direction. To take items out, you can break the pot without a tool, so by hand, or any other item, and the pot will drop itself and the items inside it.

Putting an item in a decorated pot in Minecraft

If you break the pot with a tool like a pickaxe or even a sword, it will break into the bricks or pottery sherds and will also drop the items inside it. Moreover, you can even shoot the pot with a projectile, and it will break as if you mined it with a tool.

  • Redstone signal output from a decorated pot;

Decorated pots will send out a redstone signal based on the number of items inside it. You can measure it with a redstone comparator.

List of item quantities you can put in a decorated pot and the signal strength they provide.
  • Hoppers will put the items in a decorated pot and also pull them out of it;
  • Hopper minecarts will also pull the items out of the pot;
  • Droppers, after activated will put the item inside the pot;
  • Sculk sensors will detect when the player puts an item inside the pot;
  • Pistons break the pot as if the player broke it by hand;
  • Placing a pot down will trigger an observer but putting an item inside won’t.

There you have it. All the Minecraft decorated pot changes added to the latest snapshot. What is your opinion on them? Do you think they will improve the community’s creativity? Tell us in the comments below!

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