Hapbee feat.

You Can Control Your Feelings with this Unique Wearable

Hapbee feat.

Feelings are the emotional state of an individual that cannot be controlled most of the time. Do you think you can force yourself to feel sleepy when you are clearly not? For most people, the answer will be “No”. However, for the creator of Hapbee, the answer will be “Yes”.

Now you might be wondering what is this “Hapbee”? Well, it is a unique wearable device that can let you feel what you desire with just a few taps on your smartphone. Want to feel focused, calm, alert or sleepy? Just wear this on your head or around your neck and feel whatever you want to feel. Sounds magical, right?

Hapbee 2


The big ring-like device is the world’s first wearable that helps you to control your feelings. The device will allow you to experience sensations that you desire to feel almost instantly. It will help you to feel focussed on something when you are feeling scattered or it will help you to feel sleepy when you are feeling restless.

How Does It Control Your Feelings?

Hapbee works by using a patented electromagnetic frequency tech. This tech allows the device to send electromagnetic signals that are of low-wavelength throughout the body of the user. The magnetic field of the device uses frequencies in the range of 0-22kHz. These signals imitate the users’ desired sensations and help them to experience their favourite feelings. It does not use any chemicals or harmful substance to invoke the desired sensations.

Hapbee 1

The device connects with an app that lets you control your feelings with just a few taps. The app will let you control the electromagnetic frequencies to make you feel focussed or alert. It can also pull you back to your normal state of mind in just a few minutes.

This product reminds me of the magical “love-potion” from the Harry Potter universe. However, that was magical and this is science. According to the manufacturer, Hapbee is the result of over 15 years of research and development.

The company is currently running an Indiegogo campaign. The product raised almost Rs 2,50,00,000 (~$350,000) from over 800 backers. It does not come cheap at all. You can get one for yourself for a price of Rs 25,731 (~$360). The product will ship in May 2020. Check out Hapbee on Indiegogo.

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