The Cleaner for Android: Speed Up Your Smartphone

Buying an Android smartphone might be easy but maintaining its software for longevity is indeed a tough task. As we use our Android smartphone from day to day, the RAM and internal storage is filled with junk files, app cache data and data from older apps, which results in slowing down the phone. While there are various apps that optimize an Android smartphone’s performance and clear storage, The Cleaner is an all in one Android performance optimizer & booster app that lets you clean almost everything that slows your phone down.

With all the features packed in a single app, The Cleaner deserves a closer look. So, let’s get into the details, shall we?

User Interface: Clean with Themes for different looks

The Cleaner analyze

The Cleaner features a clean interface similar to other apps from Liquidum. The homepage features three swipe friendly tabs for memory cleaning, storage cleaning and apps manager. All the tabs feature a big “Analyze” button along with three buttons at the bottom for refresh, clean and settings. The Settings page of the app lets you manage the app notifications and change themes. There are various free and paid themes available for the app, so you can change its look on the go. It also includes a gift icon at the top right that recommends other apps from Liquidum.

The Cleaner Settings

Overall, we like the simple interface of the app that does not baffle with many options or flashy transitions.

Key Features

The performance optimizer app comes with some really useful tools and here are the important features you should take note of:

  • Memory Boost

Not all Android smartphones come with 2 or 3 gigs of RAM and we all know about various memory hogging apps, which make sure to bog you phone down. That’s where Memory booster from The Cleaner comes into play. The app frees up RAM by closing down unimportant background tasks.

The Cleaner Memory

  • Storage Cleaner

If you love installing & uninstalling new apps every now and then, your smartphone’s storage should be filled with junk files and useless data from older apps. Well, The Cleaner’s storage cleaner feature lets you free up storage by deleting junk files along with cache data and APK files that might no longer be of use to you. You can select the type of data you want to delete, which is handy because you wouldn’t want deleting anything important.

The Cleaner Storage

  • App Manager

The Cleaner also brings a very handy app manager, that sorts out apps by install date, storage use and various permissions. So, you can uninstall apps which might be taking up more space or using a permission you are not comfortable with sharing.

The Cleaner App Manager

  • Game Booster

Game Booster is a simple yet effective feature, which makes sure to kill your redundant background tasks and then start up your game, so that the game runs flawlessly.

The Cleaner Game Booster

  • Widgets

The Cleaner also comes with 3 cool and good looking widgets for Memory cleaner, Storage cleaner and Game Booster. These widgets look pretty sleek and work directly from the homescreen, which is surely appreciated.

The Cleaner Widgets

While we appreciate the several performance optimising features, we would have loved the app more had it contained more such features like startup manager, history remover etc. However, people generally face issues with high RAM usage and low internal storage, so we do like the features The Cleaner brings.

Ease of Use: Simple and Quick

Similar to other Liquidum apps, The Cleaner is very easy to use. You just hit the analyze button and the app does not take much time to bring you the options to clean or boost your device’s memory. It all works swiftly, which is important because no one wants to waste time cleaning up junk files and other data. In our testing, we found no lags or any other flaw at all on the performance front. The app is lightweight and you can feel that in the way the app works.

While all is good with the app, the inclusion of various app recommendations and ads might irk some. The ads have been placed in a non-intrusive manner but we also came across one full page ad, which is annoying to everyone. However, you can make a nominal in-app purchase of $0.57 to remove ads and get all the themes. To sum things up, The Cleaner app makes sure to keep things simple and fast even with all the features it brings.


  • All in one optimizer app
  • Easy to use
  • Fluid performance


  • A startup manager would be nice
  • Full page ads
  • App recommendations

Ready to boost your Android smartphone’s performance with The Cleaner?

Is your phone slowing down or games freezing? If yes, this is the perfect time for you to install The Cleaner app. It will make sure that your Android smartphone is optimized for best use and your games run the way they are supposed to. So, get downloading and let us know your experience.

Install The Cleaner: (Free with in-app purchases)

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