When buying a new games console, there are a lot of things to consider. From the price to the compatibility, each console will have its own pros and cons.

The chances are that once you’ve invested in a new Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, you’ll have it for years and will use it on a daily basis. With this in mind, here are some things to consider to help ensure you make the right choice.


The console that you go for will probably depend a lot on your budget. If you’ve got a king size fund, you can get the latest model of any console with all of the singing and dancing accessories to go with it.

However, if like most of us you’re working with a more modest budget, decide on your priorities and then work from there.

For example, Is it graphics, game choice or the ability to carry the console with you that’s the most important? You can then see which console gives you the best value for these features.


If you’ve owned an older model of a games console, some manufacturers have built in compatibility to new models so that you’ll still be able to play your old games on your new console.

However some newer models are incompatible with older games, so if this is likely to be important for you, make sure you check before you buy.


Different games are designed for different consoles, so if you’ve just got to level 20 on a particular game and want to keep improving your skills, check that it’s available on the console that you’re considering.

You should also consider the range and type of games that you’ll be able to play. Some consoles are better suited to family-friendly sport games, whereas others are perfect for all our warfare.

Potential problems

Whenever new products are launched onto the market, teething problems inevitably occur.

Manufacturers try to rectify any issues as soon as possible, but before you part with any cash do some research to see if anyone has had problems with the models you’re considering.

If they have, check if the manufacturer will soon be bringing out a replacement model with the problems solved. Otherwise you may end up having to sell Xbox consoles or a new PlayStation as soon as you’ve bought it.

Extra uses

Another important consideration is whether the console has any extra uses. For example, can you use it to stream films or even to surf the internet?

If you do a little bit of research before you buy your new console, you shouldn’t have any major problems and with any luck, you’ll have a faithful new friend to keep you company for years to come.

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