Bodkin Review: An Entertaining Crimedy Show You Should Watch This Weekend

Seeing Barack Obama and Michelle Obama among the executive producers, Netflix’s new comedy TV show, Bodkin, seems even a lot more intriguing. The story of Bodkin starts with Dove (Siobhan Cullen), a journalist who is asked to assist the true crime podcaster Gilbert Power (Will Forte) in finding a story for his podcast. Emmy (Robin Cara) joins the duo as the researcher. Gilbert only had one hit podcast, so he wanted to search for a good story that could help him save his career. However, neither of the three knew that the journey they were embarking on could change their lives entirely. It’s an interesting premise for sure, but is the seven-episode-long TV series enough to leave a mark on the viewers’ hearts? Let’s find out.

A Powerful Narrative That Finds the Right Footing

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I must say Bodkin has a really powerful narrative that can please every fan of this genre. The story seems straightforward at the start. We see Gilbert, Emmy, and Dove arriving at a beautiful Irish town, Bodkin. The place looks very pleasing to the eyes, as also stated by Gilbert numerous times in the TV Series. However, soon, we realize that there are several mysteries hidden in the soil of the town.

The lead trio starts their coverage with the disappearances that occurred during a massive festival 20 years ago. However, as the story unfolds, we realize that it’s a murder mystery that has remained unsolved for all those years.

If you are someone who looks forward to watching shows that find their footing in the very first episode, you’ll be highly disappointed. Bodkin reveals its true nature slowly, and you won’t feel any character development until you reach episode 4. For the most part, the main highlight of the show is the mystery surrounding the murders and not the main characters who are solving these cases.

That being said, the show does keep you entertained with its unique mystery that I have experienced in a handful of other shows. Each case unfolds surprisingly and throws your predictions or theories out the window with mind-boggling twists. For instance, when Dove finds Sergeant Power’s car in the bog with two mutilated bodies in the boot space, it seems that the biggest mystery of the town is solved, but sadly, it’s not that plain sailing. There’s so much more to this case that we later learn. Every time we feel we are close to the end results, the TV Series shocks us by bringing out a new angle.

Besides that, one of the best parts of Bodkin is that it not only keeps the main characters in the limelight but also sheds light on the supporting characters. We learn the backstories of the side characters, how they are connected, and what past scars made them the way they are in the present.

Bodkin is extraordinary because it tells the story from every character’s perspective. An episode features Dove falling from a tree in front of a Seamuse’s car without revealing much about what happened to her. The other episode then reveals what exactly happened to Dove that particular day.

Strong Performances That Keep You Hooked on the Show

Dove, Gilbert and Emmy from Bodkin
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Well, I started watching the TV Series with zero expectations. All I learned before starting it was that it is Netflix’s take on Hulu’s successful show, Only Murders in Building. However, I was hooked on the show within a few minutes, and that’s wholly because of how flawlessly the actors enacted the fictional characters.

Will Forte, portraying Gilbert Power, made me realize that this role was made for him. As Power, he made us laugh at his silly/naive jokes and cry for him when he was pleading in front of his wife to let go of the divorce and his efforts to save his sinking career. On the other hand, Siobhan Cullen, as Dove, did not leave any stone unturned to make this character look like she is living the worst life. Besides them, Robyn Cara, as Emmy, was good, but I would say the acting of the aforementioned ones overshadowed hers. At one point, I forgot that Bodkin has three protagonists, as I was always awestruck by Dove and Gilbert.

Apart from them, the side characters who deserve the most praise are Seamus (David Wilmot) and Sean O’Shea (Chris Walley).

Relatable Characters

Gilbert and Dove from Bodkin
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Not all shows come with characters you can relate to, but Bodkin is an exception in that regard. Gilbert Power made a blunder in his marriage in the past after making e a podcast on his wife’s cancer, and that somehow screwed his relationship. Gilbert’s story does make you feel sorry for him, as we are all trying to draw a line between our personal and professional lives. The way Gilbert grows as a character is incredibly beautiful, and even though his character arc takes time, it does come full circle by the end of the first season.

Dove, on the other hand, has been running from her past for several years, and that’s why she keeps herself busy with journalism cases. Like most of us, she makes mistakes and tries to run from them instead of confronting her past. She finds solace in her work but eventually gets out of her comfort zone with the help of our two other main protagonists.

Should You Watch Bodkin?

Bodkin isn’t a perfect true-crime show but it definitely is worth your time. If you are someone who is always looking for a good crime drama, it’s certainly something you should be watching this weekend.

Pros and Cons
The Pros
Excellent character growth
Incredible storytelling
Emotional depth
Cinematography at its best
The Cons
The character 'Emmy' could have been written better
Character arcs take too long to come full circle
Final Verdict
Bodkin is a new crime-drama TV show streaming on Netflix. It is a story of a town where mysterious murders in the past have remained unsolved for a long time. The show brings good character development, emotional depth, light-hearted humor and a vast cloud of mystery to the table. If you are a fan of crime-drama genre, Bodkin could be the perfect TV show to binge watch this weekend.
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