BLUETTI Mother’s Day Sale: Discounts Up to $700 on Portable Power Stations

BLUETTI Mother's Day Sale: Discounts Up to $700 on Portable Power Stations

As one of the market leaders in green energy and home backup solutions, BLUETTI is back with yet another exciting sale this Mother’s Day. Offering hefty discounts on many of its power backup solutions is a gesture of appreciation from BLUETTI to celebrate all mothers around the world. It’s offering discounts of up to $700 on portable power stations, home backup solutions, solar generators, and more. Let’s learn about all the deals in the ongoing BLUETTI Mother’s Day sale, let’s jump to the products.

1. BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station

This Mother’s Day, BLUETTI is offering its best-selling portable power station for just $209, down from $299, offering a steep discount of 30%. The BLUETTI EB3A portable power station delivers a total output of 600W and has a battery capacity of 268Wh. It weighs just 10.14 lbs, making it much easier to carry around and use the power station as one likes. For a mother, such a meaningful gift brings much-needed peace without worrying about power outages.

1. BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station

In addition, it’s a suitable power station for many motor-intensive appliances like a small blender, mini refrigerator, mini rice cooker, etc. Even during a surge, it can deliver up to 1,200W of power without any outage. And best of all, it charges in 30 minutes as it supports fast charging up to 430W.

You can charge it in multiple ways, including green-energy solutions like solar panels, car chargers, AC wall sockets, power generators, and more. Finally, you can also use it to power CPAP for 9 hours. Overall, the BLUETTI EB3A is a great little power station that can be useful in various scenarios, and you must check it out during BLUETTI’s Mother’s Day sale.

Buy BLUETTI EB3A ($209)

2. BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station

The next power station on BLUETTI Mother’s Day sale is the EB70S. It is for someone looking for more power and battery capacity than EB3A. It costs $599, but you get a massive 716Wh of battery capacity and delivers a total power throughput of 800W. That’s 3x times more battery capacity and 2x power output. It has a footprint of 21.4 lbs, making it portable for an excursion to a nearby park or a trip to the countryside. Mothers are going to love this product because of the sheer power it can pull.

1. BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station

Packed with a LiFePO4 battery pack, it can last much longer and power multiple devices at once, including fans, projectors, LED lights, coffee makers, refrigerators, and more. If you are going camping, you can use it to build a movable theater and charge phones, laptops, electric cookers, and other electronics, at once. If your mother regularly goes camping and hiking, you can definitely rely on the BLUETTI EB70S portable power station.

Buy BLUETTI EB70S ($599)

3. BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station

The BLUETTI AC200P is unlike anything you have seen so far. It’s the flagship portable power station developed by BLUETTI for providing an ultimate off-the-grid lifestyle. During this Mother’s Day sale, BLUETTI has slashed the price to $1,299, down from the usual price of $1,659 with a discount of over 20%. And at this price, you get a massive 2,000W of power with a capacity to extend up to 4800W during the surge. Not just that, you also get a much larger 2,000Wh battery capacity, which is insane.

BLUETTI Mother's Day Sale AC200P

It has 17 outputs for charging multiple devices at once, and you can charge it in 7 different ways, including Solar, AC, Car, Power Generator, Lead battery, Dual AC, Solar, and AC combo. In case, you choose to pair it with a solar charger, you will get a maximum solar input of 700W which is awesome. And by combining Solar and AC charging, it can reach up to 1,100W. Basically, you get an eco-friendly, quiet, and cost-effective portable power station for much less during the ongoing BLUETTI Mother’s Day sale.

To give you an idea of its capability, you can use the BLUETTI AC200P to run an electric grill requiring 1100W of power for 1.5 hours, an air conditioner for up to 4 hours, a car fridge for up to 20 hours, and a CPAP machine for up to 40 hours. And for protection too, it has a Battery Management System, Smart Temperature activated fan, and a host of other modern techniques to deliver power without any interruption. Simply put, the BLUETTI AC200P is a reliable power solution that you can gift to your mother without second thoughts.

Buy BLUETTI AC200P ($1,299)

4. BLUETTI AC300 and B300

If you live far away from your mother and are looking for a home battery backup to power your home for days, even during power cuts and emergencies, the BLUETTI AC300 and B300 combo is for you. The AC300 is the perfect power backup solution for homes as it delivers 3,000W of power with surge protection of up to 6,000W. In addition, you get one B300 battery pack with a capacity of 3,072Wh. And you can connect up to four B300 battery packs, bringing the total capacity to 12,288Wh.

BLUETTI Mother's Day Sale AC300 and B300

Moreover, the AC300 inverter can smartly change the charging rate from 1,800W to 3,000W using a 30W charging cable. And if you use a wall outlet and solar panel to charge the battery pack, you will get a maximum charging rate of 5,400W. Be it connectivity, ports, app support, fast charging, or protection, you get all of the top-notch features on the BLUETTI AC300 and B300 combo.

You can integrate its power system into your home grid and can live worry-free during power outages. It generally goes for $3,498, but BLUETTI is offering the combo for $3,198 during the Mother’s Day sale.

Buy BLUETTI AC300 and B300 ($3,198)

5. BLUETTI AC500 and B300S

As the name suggests, the BLUETTI AC500 and B300S combo offers even higher power output and larger battery pack capacity. Priced at $4,799, you get a standard 5,000W of power output with support for 10,000W of surge. And the B300S battery pack has a capacity of 3,072Wh, but you can connect up to 6 such battery packs, bringing the total battery capacity to 18,432Wh. And since these LiFePO4 battery packs, it can run for more than 3500 cycles and still retain 80% of the capacity. Not to mention, there are six different ways to recharge the battery including Solar, AC, Car, Power Generator, Lead-acid battery, and Dual charging via AC and Solar.

AC500 and B300S

With 3,000W of power output, you can run power-hungry home appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and more. The charging time is also fast. With the AC input, it can draw a maximum power of 5,000W, and with solar charging, you can get 3,000W of power. And with solar and AC charging, you can get up to 8,000W of fast charging which is insane.

Basically, you can run your home for at least six days with the six battery packs. All in all, I would say, if you want a large-capacity home backup solution, the BLUETTI AC500 + B300S combo is a great buy.

Buy BLUETTI AC500 and B300S ($4,799)

6. BLUETTI EP500 Solar Power Station

Finally, we have the BLUETTI EP500 Solar power station that is on sale this Mother’s Day. At $4,299, it’s a perfect gift for someone who enjoys off-the-grid living. As I mentioned, it’s a solar power station that comes with a battery pack having 5,100Wh of capacity. And it delivers 2,000W of output which is pretty good. Of course, you need to pair it with a solar panel separately. The best part about this solar power station is its movable design which can be strolled around using the wheels and can be parked anywhere you want.

BLUETTI Mother’s Day Sale: Discounts Up to $700 on Portable Power Stations

You can use it to charge multiple devices as it features a host of ports, including two wireless charging pads as well. And it can be connected to the BLUETTI app to track input and output power, and temperature and can be remotely controlled as well. Simply put, with a built-in battery and support for MPPT technology for maximum solar input of up to 1200W, the BLUETTI EP500 Solar is a solid choice.

Buy BLUETTI EP500 ($4,299)

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