How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits

In Short
  • In Blox Fruits, you will need to reach level 1100 and buy a raid chip to access the Awakening room.
  • To start a raid, find the Mysterious Scientist and get a chip for 100,000 Beli or a physical fruit.
  • After the raid, talk to the Mysterious Entity and spend fragments to Awaken your fruit's moves in order.

In Blox Fruits, a popular Roblox game inspired by One Piece, fruits grant unique powers. You can trade fruits according to trading values, but to truly unleash their potential, you need to Awaken them. This process significantly enhances your chosen fruit’s power and skills, making you a force to be reckoned with. However, to some, that might seem a bit daunting. Well, let us make your life easier by teaching you how to Awaken fruits in Blox Fruits, so let’s begin!

Things Required to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits

Before you can Awaken fruits in Blox Fruits, you must have a special currency called Fragments. To earn that, players will need to start and complete a raid. In a raid, players team up and defeat waves of enemies. You will also earn fragments through the raids that help you buy the Awakening. Follow the steps below to learn how to initiate or participate in a raid:

1. Find a Mysterious Scientist and Buy the Raid Chip

Mysterious Scientist selling raid chips in Blox Fruits
Mysterious Scientist in Blox Fruits

To start a raid, you will need a raid chip. These chips unlock at level 1,100. You can only obtain a chip through the Mysterious Scientists. Currently, there are two Mysterious Scientists in the game.

The first one is hidden in a secret room within the Laboratory, located on the cold side of the Hot and Cold Island in the Second Sea. The second Scientist is located in a room within the Castle On the Sea in the Third Sea.

Buy Raid Chip from Mysterious Scientist
Buy Raid Chip in Blox Fruits

Once you find them, make sure you have the correct fruit selected in your hand. Now, interact with the NPC and select the type of raid according to the fruit (i.e., if you have a Flame fruit in hand, select the Flame theme from the chat with the NPC).

After selecting the theme, you can trade a Physical fruit from your inventory for the raid chip. Alternatively, you can also spend 100,000 beli every 2 hours to get the raid chip.

2. Participate in Raid

As mentioned, you will need to be at 1100 level and a chip to start a raid. However, if you have a friend who has a higher level and the chip, they can host the raid for you. You can join them despite being low-level. We recommend you get to 1100 level at least as all the raids have five waves of enemies. They get stronger with each wave and they also come in numbers.

In each Raid, you can earn between 250 and 1,000 Fragments. This base amount is boosted by a bonus based on the remaining time on the timer, calculated as 4.5 multiplied by the remaining seconds. However, this bonus doesn’t apply if you already reach the maximum of 1,000 Fragments.

If you fail to complete the Raid within the time limit, you’ll still receive a consolation prize of 60 multiplied by the island number you’re on. For example, on Island 4, you’d earn 60 x 4 = 240 Fragments.

How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits

Now that you have completed a raid follow the steps below to Awaken your fruits in Blox Fruits:

Meet the Mysterious Entity & Buy Awakening

Warning: The Mysterious Entity is located at L’Église de Prophétie. You can use the Flash Step glitch to reach this place normally. However, doing so will not let you buy awakening. You can get Awakening only if teleport there by completing raids.

Mysterious Entity selling Awakening fruits upgrades in Blox Fruits
Mysterious Entity in Blox Fruits

This step is short, but remember, it can be very costly. Once you are done with the raid, you will teleport automatically to a yellow room. You will encounter a Mysterious Entity allowing you to buy Awakening upgrades.

Each upgrade requires a certain amount of fragments. You will also have to awaken your fruit in the following order: Z > X > C > V > F (exceptions: Quake – 4 moves, Rumble, Phoenix – 1 extra after F).

Note: To Awaken the Phoenix fruit, you will have to clear the advanced raid. To unlock them, you’ll need to master the Phoenix fruit by reaching at least level 400. Then, seek out the Sick Scientist in Cake Land on Third Sea. He’ll offer you an advanced raid chip for the price of 1,000 Fragments or a fruit worth 1,000,000 beli. There is only one advanced raid so the difficulty will be higher than other raids.

List of Eligible Awakening Fruits with Prices

Now that you know how to get Awakening in Blox Fruits, you must remember not all fruits are eligible. As of the current update in Blox Fruits, you can Awaken only 11 fruits. Here is the list of fruits you can Awaken in the game, along with their Awakened abilities and fragment cost:

Fruit NameZ AbilityX AbilityC AbilityV AbilityF AbilityBonus
FlameBurning Blast – 500Prominence Burst – 3000Flaming Vortex – 4000Flaming Destroyer – 5000Rocket Flight – 2000
IceIce Spears – 500 Glacial Surge – 3000Ice Dragon – 4000Absolute Zero – 5000Ice Skating – 2000
SandDesert Blade – 500 Sand Coffin – 3000Sandstorm – 4000Deep Sand – 5000Tornado Flight – 2000
DarkDimension Slash – 500Abyssal Darkness – 3000Endless Hole – 4000World of Darkness – 5000Ghastly Step – 2000
LightDivine Arrow – 500Swords of Judgement – 3000Light Speed Destroyer – 4000Wrath of God – 5000Shining Flight – 2000
MagmaMagma Shower – 500Volcanic Assault – 3000Great Magma Hound – 4000 Volcanic Storm – 5000Beast Ride – 2000
QuakeFatal Demolisher – 1000Air Crusher – 3000Spatial Shockwave – 5000Seaquake – 8000
BuddhaShift – 500Heavenly Impact – 3000Light of Annihilation – 4000Twilight of the Gods – 5000Retribution Dash – 2000
StringThermal Laceration – 800Silk Prison – 3500Eternal White – 4500Heavenly Punishment – 6000God’s Highway – 2500
RumbleLightning Beast – 500Thunderstorm – 3000Sky Judgement – 4000Thunderball Destruction – 5000Electric Flash – 2000Pole v2 – 5000
PhoenixCremation Cannon – 500Blue Flames – 3000Flame Exodus – 4000Blazing Plumage – 5000Swift Flight – 2000Tap (Dive) – 4000

That is how you can easily Awaken Fruits in Roblox Blox Fruits. Which fruit are you going to Awaken first? Tell us in the comments below.

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