10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Poco F1

Breaking a new smartphone’s screen is not only heartbreaking but can also potentially force you to crack open your piggy bank. So, it is a virtuous practice to keep your new smartphone secured with a protective case and a useful screen protector. Today, we look at some of the relevant tempered screen guards for the latest flagship – Poco F1 – which has rocked the entire industry with its pricing.

With the flagship grade hardware, Poco F1 gets a decent build but instead of the latest sixth-gen, its gets third-gen Gorilla Glass which calls for preventive measure to keep your smartphone’s display intact. Let’s dive into a quick compilation of all the Poco F1 screen protectors I feel you should check out:

The Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors and Screen Guards

1. MobiExpress Clear Tempered Glass for Poco F1

The screen protector from MobiExpress is only 0.3mm thick and barely adds a noticeable difference to the Poco F1’s thickness. It guarantees 9H hardness and anti-scratch properties to ensure that there is a high degree of transparency and unhindered vision.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

The tempered glass also has a mild oleophobic coating to deal with fingerprint smudges and sweat marks.

Buy from Amazon (Rs 75 + shipping)

2. FASHIONISTA Full Coverage Tempered Glass for Poco F1

Making it easy to place covers over the Poco F1, the tempered glass comes with an edge-to-edge protection and with edges curved at 2.5D. To offer an unhindered experience, the glass comes with an anti-smudge coating to keep sweat spots at bay.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

To ensure a high amount of durability, the tempered glass has been carved out of original Gorilla or Asahi glass which keeps objects such as keys from scratching the top of the glass.

Buy from Amazon (Rs 199)

3. Comoro Shockproof Tempered Glass for Poco F1

Precisely shaped and offering a good amount of durability, the tempered glass from Comoro also offers 9H hardness and features rounded 2.5D edges just like the last one. This one, too, has an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints or smudges from hindering your experience.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

The screen guard is made out of strong Asahi/Gorilla glass and is only 0.3mm thick while the surface is designed to give your a good swiping experience.

Buy from Amazon (Rs 275)

4. jolies Tempered Glass for Poco F1

If you’re looking for complete coverage and better protection than clear tempered glasses, you can choose this tempered glass which comes with darkened edges. This will not only help you place the protector accurately but also protect the glass around the display.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

The tempered glass comes with an anti-fingerprint coating and is generally expected to last longer than the clear protectors.

Buy from Flipkart (Rs 254)

5. Clorox 5D Tempered Glass for Poco F1

Another option for a complete edge-to-edge protection is this tempered glass from Clorox. It comes with 9H hardness durability and is curved at 2.5D along the edges to accommodate covers and reduce chances of breakage. Just to clarify, “5D” is part of the fancy nomenclature used by wholesale dealers and has nothing to do with the roundness of the display.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

There’s an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating on the top of the tempered glass while the full frame design ensures that it can bear with drops better.

Buy from Amazon (Rs 299)

6. Comoro 5D Tempered Glass for Poco F1

The fuller tempered glass is intended to keep your smartphone’s display secure and new-like forever – or at least, for a long time. Cut from original Gorilla/Asahi glass and with a thickness of only 0.3mm, the screen protector ensures a good viewing experience.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Like others, Comoro also offers an anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge oleophobic coating for unbeatable clarity and 2.5D curved edges to ensure the protector sits neatly over the display.

Buy from Amazon (Rs 299)

7. FashionCraft Flexible Tempered Glass for Poco F1

If you’re like me and still feel restless while installing a rigid and curved tempered glass on your smartphone, a flexible tempered glass can be useful for your Poco F1. This type of tempered glass is actually made out of a synthetic and transparent material which allows it to bend without breaking.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Along with the bending ability, you also get anti-glare and anti-fingerprint properties. Moreover, the rounded edges offer better handling and added durability.

Buy from Flipkart (Rs 125)

8. Vatsin Impossible Glass for Poco F1

Vatsin is claiming its tempered glass is unbreakable and that is because it is flexible, and only 0.2mm thick. In terms of usability, this is similar to the previous one which is also flexible. Besides its durability, the glass also offers anti-shock properties as well as an oil-resistant coating to keep smudges away.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

The glass, however, does not provide a complete edge to edge protection and only covers the display.

Buy from Amazon (Rs 299)

You can also check out a similar tempered glass from another brand, but for the same on Amazon (Rs 299).

9. Affix Tempered Glass for POCO F1 (Pack of 2)

If you want a simple solution, clear tempered glass is the way to go but if you think you’d be better off buying it in a bundle instead of a single unit, you can grab this pack of two clear tempered glasses.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

The coating on top resists fingerprints, scratches, and ensures that harmful rays from the display do not tire your eyes.

Buy from Flipkart (Rs 209)

10. Trenzo Tempered Glass for POCO F1 (Pack of 5)

Clumsiness has no excuse and if you are a champion at breaking tempered glasses, we recommend you pick up this pack of five screen protectors, which should not only help you save money but also keep the display secured.

10 Best Poco F1 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Like other offerings, this screen protector also features an oleophobic coating to keep smudges and fingerprints away.

Buy from Flipkart (Rs 567)

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10 Best Poco F1 Tempered Glasses & Screen Protectors

I’m sure there’s no betting on luck when it comes to the safety of your smartphone’s display. So now that you’ve either already bought a Poco F1 or planning to buy it soon, I can ensure you it will be a great decision, considering you can overlook some basic nuances such as the lack of HD support on VOD apps.

Meanwhile, you can check out our full review if you’re still in the process of making up your mind about the device.

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  • James says:

    I got Poco F1 and the Poco official skin along with a GadgetShieldz screen protector. The colour accuracy doesn’t alter when watching videos. For poco, screen protectors are a better option over tempered glass.

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