10 Best Manga Apps for Android and iPhone in 2020

13 Best Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (2023)

As a kid, I could count on comics to sail through plenty of free time. While I loved all sorts of comics, mangas aka Japanese comic books were one of my top picks. With an intriguing storyline coupled with vivid pictures, those comic books left a lasting impression. And despite having a boatload of movies to watch on Netflix, I turn back to the classy Japanese comics again and again. They fill my time with plenty of bone-tickling comedies and whimsical fantasies. If you are willing to give them a chance as well, look no further than this meticulous selection of the 13 best manga apps for Android and iPhone.

Best Manga Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

So, what sort of mangas do you like to take on: comedy, action, horror, or love? Considering the age-old theory that one size may not fit all, I have picked out the apps that cater to a wide range of tastes. Therefore, irrespective of what appeals to your choice, you can find comic books that can take you on a long reading spree. And that too without costing you anything/much. With that said, let’s flip over to the first story of a long series!

1. Tachiyomi

Tachiyomi is one of the most loved manga reader apps for Android users out there. It’s a completely free and open-source Manga reader that you can install on your phone. The app itself doesn’t offer a catalog of manga to read, but you can add manga sources to the app, and it will automatically organize them for you so you can read whichever comic you want to read at your leisure. It supports services like MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, and Bangumi.

The reader itself is also highly customizable, and you can adjust things like the color filters and more, including custom reading modes. The only drawback of this app is the fact that it’s only available for Android. If you’re an iPhone user, you will have to go with one of the other apps mentioned on our list for your manga fix. Furthermore, the other drawback of this application is that most sources are released by scanlation groups, which means most of the mangas available to read are not officially released by the licensing distributors.

Key Features:

  • Free and open-source
  • Supports a variety of manga sources
  • A robust array of features
  • Allows tracking of mangas through popular websites like MyAnimeList

Key Titles Available:

  • Supports manga comics from a variety of sources

Install: Android (Free)

2. VIZ Manga

The next best manga reader app in my opinion is Viz Manga. Boasting the entire VIZ digital catalog, the app offers you access to the most popular manga and comics including hit series such as Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, Naruto Next Generations, and the cult classics like Vampire Knight, Tokyo Ghoul, Official RWBY Manga Anthology, and more. Furthermore, the app keeps on adding new series regularly such as the critically popular Chainsawman, so that you always have something really interesting to read.

One of my favorite features of this app is the ability to build a vast library of interesting mangas. With a fully personalized library, you can catch up with your favorite comics at your own pace. Not just that, it offers a downloading option as well to let you read books even offline. What’s more, the app also lets you read free previews of paid volumes to make an informed buying decision.

Key Features:

  • New chapters are added daily
  • Offline reading is available

Key Titles Available:

  • My Hero Academia
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • One Piece
  • Boruto
  • Vampire Knight
  • Chainsawman
  • Tokyo Ghoul

Install: Android and iOS  (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Crunchyroll Manga

When you have the official manga app at your disposal, getting the latest manga titles directly from Japan becomes easy-picking. As you may have already guessed, Crunchyroll Manga is an official manga app for Android and iOS that lets you quickly access the hottest manga books as soon as they are rolled out on the newsstands in Japan. So, staying in the loop with all the trending books like Fairy Tail, Space Brothers, and Attack on Titan will be smooth sailing for you.

The app features a clean look and also offers some neat customization tools so that you can fine-tune all of your favorite titles in line with your reading taste. Do note that Crunchyroll Manga’s freemium model is quite basic. Therefore, you will need to get a premium membership, if you wish to get the entire series catalog or have unlimited reading access. Furthermore, Crunchyroll’s manga application suffers from the same problem noticed in the actual Crunchyroll – a lack of series for you to read through, and existing series taking time to update. Regardless, Crunchyroll Manga is a good alternative, but not one I would actively suggest.

Key Features:

  • Almost every popular title is available
  • Regular chapter updates

Key Titles Available:

  • Attack on Titan
  • Fairy Tail
  • Space Brothers
  • King’s Game Origin

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Shonen Jump

I can’t possibly write a list of the best manga apps for iPhone and Android and not mention something about the Shonen Jump series, right? Well, the Shonen Jump app is the perfect manga reader for you if you’re a fan of titles from the Shonen Jump series. The app lets you read up to 100 chapters for free every day. However, if you want to read more than that, you can pay $1.99 per month to unlock unlimited reading.

Shonen Jump has all the latest chapters from your favorite Shonen Jump series that are updated as soon as new chapters are released, so you will never have to wait for new chapters. That said, bear in mind that this app only deals with the Shonen Jump series, which includes some of the most popular names such as Naruto, Dr. Stone, and One Piece.

Key Features:

  • All of the Shonen Jump titles
  • New chapters added as soon as they become available
  • 100 free chapters daily

Key Titles Available:

  • Naruto
  • Dr. Stone
  • One Piece

Install: Android and iOS (Free)

5. Mangamo

When you’re looking for the best manga reader apps for Android and iPhone, you’ll come across many that offer manga illegally. That’s not right; so if you want to read manga legally and ensure that the authors get their due cut, you should check out Mangamo. It is one of the best manga reader apps you can find out there, boasting a pretty solid collection of titles for your perusal. The app comes with some of the biggest manga titles out there such as Attack on Titan, among others.

The subscription isn’t too steep, at $4.99 per month, and gives you access to over 300 manga comics. New chapters are added every week, so you’ll always have something to read. Plus, there are no ads either, which means your experience will not be hindered by random pop-ups and other ads. Moreover, if you want to try it out before subscribing, Mangamo allows anyone to read one free chapter every 24 hours without any registration.

Key Features:

  • Over 300 titles
  • All-inclusive subscription, no hidden fees
  • No ads

Key Titles Available:

  • Attack on Titan
  • Devil-Chi
  • Loving Yamada at LV999

Install: Android and iOS (Free, subscription priced at $4.99 per month)

6. Manga Plus

Another manga reader app you should check out is Manga Plus. The service brings an absolute ton of manga comics to your fingertips for you to read anytime you like. It’s an official service that’s available free of cost and brings almost every Shonen Jump title you can think of. Whether you’re a fan of Naruto, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, or Dragon Ball, you can find all the comics right here on Manga Plus.

Manga Plus has the latest chapters from all your favorite Manga series in English and Spanish and is controlled by Shueisha, which is a Japanese publisher that works with manga artists and creators. So, you can rest assured that you’re not indulging in piracy by using this free manga reader app.

Key Features:

  • Almost every Shonen Jump title is available.
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Available in English and Spanish.

Key Titles Available:

  • Naruto
  • Dragon Ball
  • My Hero Academia
  • One Piece

Install: Android and iOS (Free)

7. INKR Comics

INKR Comics is the brainchild of the team behind the popular scanlation manga aggregator app ‘Manga Rock’. Announced in April 2020, the team strives to support comic creators and publishers. To achieve this, the revenue generated from the app is split between content creators and publishers.

With this app, you get access to a variety of comics across action, romance, comedy, horror, drama, Isekai, slice of life, sci-fi, and more. Combined with the personalized recommendations system, you will discover content that you are likely to love. Moreover, if you have multiple devices, the app auto-syncs your data and reading progress.

Key Features:

  • Brings manga, webtoons, and manhua in one handy location.
  • The preview option helps choose which titles to read next
  • Personalized recommendations

Key Titles Available:

  • Attack on Titan
  • Scarecrow
  • The Reversal
  • Spirit Catcher
  • Generation Wu

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. MangaToon

Should you wish to read colorful comics, I would recommend you give MangaToon a try. Both in terms of having an extensive library and a wide range of genres including comedy, love, horror, romance, and action, this manga app looks right on the money to me. Just like most of its counterparts, it also adds the hottest web comics daily. And based on your taste, you can make a nice collection of your favorite books and even download the ones which you want to read without any interruption during offline.

Have an interesting story to share with others? Well, you can also write your own stories that you have kept under wraps for years and share them with others. The platform can give the needed exposure to your stories so that they can bring a lot of praise to you. Furthermore, MangaToon has support for several languages including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai, which is yet another plus from the flexibility perspective.

Key Features:

  • Daily updates
  • Brings a bunch of free comics
  • Offline reading support
  • Create your own stories

Key Titles Available:

  • Supreme Demon Warrior
  • Battle Through the Heavens
  • The Mask
  • Mode II

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Manga Dogs

When you talk about the top manga apps for iOS and Android, it wouldn’t be wise to miss a highly intuitive app like Manga Dogs. One of the biggest highlights of this app is a massive library of thousands of mangas from more than 20 sources. So, I bet it has the goods to cater to your different reading tastes. As the app also keeps a tab on your interest and offers recommendations accordingly, finding the mangas that can live up to your preference should be quite easy.

Besides, it also sends out alerts whenever your favorite books are updated so that you don’t miss out on them. On top of all, Manga Docs comes with a handy advanced setting that opens the game for plenty of customization to spice up your reading.

Key Features:

  • Massive library of comics
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Horizontal and vertical reading modes

Key Titles Available:

  • Martial Peak
  • Apotheosis
  • God of Martial Arts
  • Yuan Zun
  • The Strongest God King
  • The Mythical Realm

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Manga Reader

Claiming to be the ultimate manga app for both iOS and Android, Manga Reader has got all sorts of tricks to win you over. First and foremost, the app offers you access to thousands of mangas from more than 30 sources which makes it a one-stop platform. With a smart filter, it lets you quickly find specific comic books.

As it also keeps a close watch on the search history and what appeals to your interest, you should expect your recommendations to be spot on. What has called for my attention is the ability to download up to 5 mangas simultaneously. Save it for the times when you are in a hurry to put all of your favorites in a special kitty for uninterrupted offline reading.

Key Features:

  • One of the largest catalogs of manga
  • Good recommendations
  • Simultaneous downloads

Key Titles Available:

  • Baki
  • Tough
  • Beelzebub
  • Initial D
  • Martial Peak

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

11. Manga Monster

While Manga Monster may not be the most feature-rich manga app out there, you can bank on it to offer a decent manga reading experience. Loaded with a vast catalog of over 24000 mangas, the app is up to the mark when it comes to having variety. Besides, the regular update means you will always have timely access to the latest editions. Featuring a clean interface and fairly simple tools, the app won’t take much time to get into your groove. Being lightweight, it also feels snappier while running. Overall, it’s a decent app for your manga reading pleasure.

Key Features:

  • Over 24,000 manga comics
  • Regular updates

Key Titles Available:

  • Naruto
  • One Piece
  • Bleach
  • Soul Eater
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender

Install: iOS (Free)

12. Manga Box

For a simplified comic book experience, Manga Box has looked quite good to me. The app has one of the biggest libraries of books from popular authors. Thus, it doesn’t matter what sort of books you love to read, chances are pretty high that the app can keep you glued to your books with a variety of genres.

Additionally, the app also adds new content daily so that there is always a chance to bump into something intriguing to read. In terms of customization, I have found Manga Box a little light. But if you aren’t a fan of full-on customization, you won’t have any complaints. With a clutter-free interface and easy-to-use tools, it ensures there is less learning curve.

Key Features:

  • New content is added daily
  • All free comics

Key Titles Available:

  • Ingoshima
  • Last Encore
  • Cat and Dragon

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

13. Manga Zone

Rounding off our list of the best manga apps for iPhone and Android is Manga Zone. This app is a must for anyone who loves reading manga on their smartphone. Manga Zone offers a huge library of titles for you to read — over 15,000. And yes, all the titles on Manga Zone are available in English so you won’t have to look around to find a translated copy for your reading.

Manga Zone is available for both iPhone and Android, although the Android app isn’t available on the Play Store and will have to be downloaded from the official site instead. Similar to Shonen Jump, Manga Zone also adds new chapters as soon as they are available, and you can even save your favorites. The app offers a nice search feature, and you can even download manga to read offline. All in all, this is a great manga app for iPhone and Android.

Key Features:

  • over 15,000 titles
  • New chapters added as soon as they are released
  • Offline support

Key Titles Available:

  • Apotheosis
  • God of Martial Arts
  • Spirit Sword Sovereign
  • Moshi Fanren

Install: Android and iOS (Free)

Choose the Best Manga Apps for iPhone and Android

There you go! So, these are the top manga apps lined up for you. With a variety of apps at hand, I guess your eyes have caught the right manga reader. But before you start flipping over the pages or exploring the massive library of Japanese comics, be sure to let us know the app that has found a place on your device. Besides, also tell us about the worthy applications that might be missing from the roundup.


  1. Crunchyroll’s manga app is a visual nightmare and there aren’t nearly enough search options for genre.

    Viz Manga is trash; you have to scroll through every manga to find the one you want or a new one. If you don’t know the name of the manga you’re looking, well, good luck finding it without a genre search. That and from what I saw there is not many to search through in comparison to other manga apps.

    Manga Reader – genre selection is like Crunchyroll’s, but unlike Crunchyroll it doesn’t look like a 5 year old made the app.

    Manga Reader – Yes there are two “Manga Reader” apps. The one where the ‘M’ is a complete letter is the one I’m talking about in above. For this one the ‘M’ for the app icon looks like it consists of 3 parts. This Manga Reader is by for better than the above, the problem is that it’s only for webcomics even though it’s a ‘Manga’ app. Another problem is the fact it’s subscription based to remove adds and costs $4 a month or $40 for a year. It’s not really worth it.

    Manga Zone – is like a carbon copy of Manga Reader.

    MangaBAT – was a great app until two months ago and then it became trash that can’t load anything on the first try.

    Manga Man – the $10 cost to remove ads is too high, but other than that it’s a decent choice.

    Manga Monster – The same price as Manga Man to remove adds, but from only spending a minute on the app, it seems like a good choice. The design and layout is similar to many others, but the main difference is that this app has a good filtering for looking for manga.

    MangaKakalot – Same as the above two.

    Of these choices, I suggest the last 3 (MangaKakalot, Manga Man, Manga Monster), but if MangaBAT can get it’s shit together then I would suggest that app.

  2. I found it … a good manga app well in the past it would obviously be either manga reader or an app that was soo good like literally perfect ( they are both totally free) but they don’t exist anymore ( either in the country or just on iOS in general ) but now after hundreds of hours I found a really good app on iOS it’s called manga up! It’s really good I know how manga apps have to be to be good like : good manga sources or the ability to download mangas to read offline . Well manga up has all these capacities well there are ads it annoying but it’s not that bad and we can just download 20 at a time and 200 on global for a manga but I believe that’s far more than enough at least for me

  3. I downloaded the Shonen app with the promise of 100 free chapters and the option to pay to read more when in reality, you get a few chapters and then you have to subscribe to read the rest. Sure $2 a month isn’t bad, but you’re literally giving false information about these apps. I was reading the reviews on Shonen, Manga Plus, and Manga Monster and there were a lot of people who had similar experiences of being promised popular titles for free and either not having those titles available, having chapters missing, or having to subscribe when you said they’re completely free. Maybe do some research on these apps before declaring them as the best manga apps available.

  4. I downloaded the Shonen app and I was promised 100 free chapters a day with the option to spend money to read more but in reality, you only get the first three chapters and then you have to subscribe. The reviews on it, and manga plus and manga monster are terrible. Why are you lying about these “amazing” apps?

  5. There were once an app that I had in my phone it’s was more than perfect and we can download manga as much as we want but now I changed my phone and I didn’t had the idea to see how it’s called I think it’s was mangago but it’s was a long title I can’t find it on AppStore I want to cry the logo had some yellow with something written in it which is not the name of the app ( lmaooo ) it’s looked kinda cheap but that’s app was really perfect what a waste so if anyone know what iam talking about please reply

    1. I’ve had mangareader for MONTHS and all of a sudden it’s “not available in my region” I am heartbroken okay. Do you know how many manga I’m in the middle of ???? I’m never gonna be able to find some of those again ?

      1. samee
        i was in the middle of demon slayer, promised neverland and aot manga but then it just wasnt there

        1. im desperate, i found someone online who currently have the app but im trying to figure out if there’s a way to transfer or share that app with me

    1. the downside of tachiyomin is that it doesnt give the readers a libary of mangas or manwhas to choose from, all you can do is search up the title of your favourite mangas which in itself aint very efficient. My point is, Having a library or categorized set of manhas to choose from helps the readers choose the best manga that they would like to read not letting them blindly go anywhere else just to search for specified or specific mangas or manwhas.

  6. This was very obviously written by someone who has no experience with manga but instead did a quick search on the App Store and Google Play Store for apps for their “mangas.” VIZ and CR’s apps were included but the author failed to include MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA, additionally they chose to include several apps for reading scanlations that are both riddled with ads and contain micro-transactions without even a single reference to Tachiyomi. All other Android manga readers pale in comparison. Tachiyomi is the most popular FOSS reader, containing extensions for all major manga sources, zero ads, and actually has the support of the manga reading community outside of Japan. If you’re going to push free manga readers (that aren’t provided by a major publisher), you must avoid the apps that are attempting to profit off legally grey (and depending on the source, completely illegal) scanlations.
    This “list” should contain four items: VIZ, CR, MANGA Plus, and Tachiyomi; nothing else. Unfortunately iOS gets shafted in terms of ethical scanlation readers, their only option really is to read directly on MangaDex or use a publishers app.

    1. Thanks man for saving my time by replying your comment which I was about to fire after reading the list.

  7. The three manga use in the thumnail picture, one of the is mirai channel, what are the other two
    Ps: can the author send a email (personally) to me the title of the manga

  8. A best manga apps list without Tachiyomi is no list at all. Open source, multiple sources and a completely ad free experience.

      1. Better check facts before writing your opinion.
        Number 3 and 10 are Android only, yet still in this list.

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