3 Best Echo Spot Cases and Covers You Can Buy

Amazon Echo Spot ($129.99) is one of my favorite Amazon products. I use it on a daily basis and it has earned its spot on my bedside table. If you are using the Amazon Echo Spot properly, it’s probably on your bedside table too, which makes this product more prone to falling than any other smart speaker that you own. That’s why it’s important that you slap a case on this device to protect it from breaking in case of falls and drops. In this article, I am going to mention 3 best Amazon Echo Spot cases which can help you protect your Amazon Echo Spot:

1. Kartice Protector Case for Echo Spot

The first case on this list is from a company called Kartice. The case is made of durable and soft silicone material. The case fits snuggly onto the Amazon Echo Spot and is very comfortable to hold from the outside. The case’s anti-scratch and anti-stock resisteance features help in protecting the Amazon Echo Spot from scratches, scuffs, and breaks in case of falls and drops. The case also features precise cutouts which give you easy access to all the ports and buttons. Lastly, the case comes in various colors allowing you to spice up your Amazon Echo Spot looks if you want to.

1. Kartice Protector Case for Amazon Echo Spot

Buy From Amazon: $13.98

2. Sfmn Echo Spot Case

Specially designed for the Amazon Echo Spot, this case from Sfmn is made of high-quality TPU material which provides full 360-degree protection to the Amazon Echo Spot. The TPU material is resistant against scratches and shocks resulting from falls and bumps, hence the case will protect your Amazon Echo Spot quite nicely. Also, the outer surface of the case is resistant to water and fingerprint which makes it look nice and clean even after long period of usage.

2. Sfmn Amazon Echo Spot Case

Buy From Amazon: $9.88

3. BESNIN Silicone Protective Case for Amazon Echo Spot

The last case on the list is from Bensin which brings a silicone protective case for the Amazon Echo Spot. Made from a durable and soft silicone material the case allows a soft and comfortable grip, and protects the Amazon Echo Spot against scratches, scuffs, and bumps. Just like the above two cases this case also brings anti-scratch and anti-shock abilities. One of the best things about this case is that it also comes with a screen protector. This means that the case will not only protect the body but also the display of your Amazon Echo Spot.

3. BESNIN Silicone Protective Case for Amazon Echo Spot

Buy From Amazon: $11.97

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Protect Your Amazon Echo Spot with These Cases

I am not making this list a long one as the above three cases are the best Echo Spot cases out there and get the job done. Not only they can protect your Amazon Echo Spot but they are also fairly cheap so they won’t break the bank. Do check them out and let us know which one is your favorite amongst them all.

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